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  • By Modelers... For Modelers

    2015 Best of Class, Best Ship - USS Intrepid CVA-11, by Ryan Labieniec

  • By Modelers... For Modelers

  • By Modelers... For Modelers

    2015 Best of Class, Art Gerber Best Military Vehicle - M1126 Stryker, by Nathan LaPorte

  • By Modelers... For Modelers

    2015 Best of Class, Best Automotive - Porsche 917/30, by Steve Bright

  • By Modelers... For Modelers


2021 IPMS/USA National Convention

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August 18 - 21, 2021
In the Fabulous City of LAS VEGAS

IPMS Members and Supporters of Models For Troops

I'm writing a brief note to clarify the relationship between Models For Troops (M4T) and IPMS/USA. Let me start by saying that it has been one of my priorities since taking office to support M4T in multiple ways. That being said, please be aware that 4T is a standalone organization run ably (and gallantly) by Jon Emery. Jon's outreach to active servicemembers, those in VA treatment, and other vets is a labor of love.

IPMS/USA supports M4T in several ways. Your E-Board has voted to provide a monthly donation to M4T to support operations (storage, shipping, incidental supplies) that otherwise largely comes out of Jon's own pockets. In addition, Stephen Broughall, a US Army retired officer, has volunteered to serve as an advisor to the Board and is the primary interface between us and M4T. Lastly, IPMS Chapters and individual members have stepped up to support M4T directly, through donations of kits, supplies, reference material, cash, and when logistically possible, manpower.

Before I forget, here's the contact info for M4T:

9721 Weathering Ct
Zebulon, NC 27597

I encourage anyone reading this, whether you're a member or not, to support Jon's efforts. While donations of modeling material are always appreciated, operating funding is just as important. Perhaps your Chapter will consider a donation to M4T, or hold a distressed kit auction or other fundraising event and send the proceeds off to Jon. One of Steve B's roles as liaison officer to M4T is exploring both corporate and governmental grants and assistance, and we plan to explore support to other organizations with the same mission as M4T in the future.


John Noack
President, IPMS/USA


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  • Planes of Farm - Modeling agplanes across the years in 1:72, by Brian R. Baker
  • Banjo Boat - Scratch-built 1:35 rockin' recreational redneck river resort, by Mike McFadden
  • Swapping Wings for a Slatted Sabre - Kitbashing an early Korean War F-86, by Gil Hodges
  • I'm Looking Through You… - Building Renwal's classic Visible Man, Woman, and Head kits, by Dennis O'Connor
  • Collection-Completing Convairliner - The Excitement of completing a story with Roden's 440, by H. Davis Gandees
  • Don and the Dragon - Scratch-building Sir Isaac and Don Harvey from Between Planets, by Dan Thompson

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Coronavirus Update

May 6, 2020

Local & Regional Show Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, IPMS/USA urges all chapters to follow federal, state and local regulations regarding gatherings.  These regulations are constantly changing so please check before you schedule your show.

We also recommend you check with your show venues regarding cancellation policies.  While we all want to get back to our regular chapter meetings and shows, COVID-19 will be around longer than we want.  If a rescheduled show needs to be cancelled, be sure your chapter does not suffer any financial consequences 

Personally, I highly urge all members to wear a mask when going out.  It makes a big difference. Until testing is dramatically increased and a vaccine is available, anything we can all do will help decrease the spread of this virus 

Going forward, the following disclaimer needs to be added to all show flyers as well as your posting on the IPMS/USA event page:

"In light of the current pandemic situation, please be aware that neither IPMS/USA nor its Chapters are liable for any potential transmission of illnesses.  Those planning to attend this event should (a) follow existing safe social distancing recommendations and (b) abide by any local or state regulations regarding gatherings."

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I wish you, your family members and your fellow modelers safe passage through this pandemic.  Be well.  Happy modeling

Dave Lockhart
IPMS/USA Director of Local Chapters
(678) 620-8417

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