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This person is selected by the Executive Board once a year from national members nominated by other national members. The nominee MUST be a national member the year s/he is nominated and selected. The criteria to be evaluated are:

  1. Chapter involvement. Examples: chapter officer, newsletter editor, web master, event or committee chairman, does presentations at chapter meetings, attendance at chapter functions, etc. The person is a self-starter. They volunteer and don’t necessarily wait to be asked. They actively recruit new members or make sure any new member feels welcome in the group.
  2. Regional/National Involvement. Examples:  working at regional/national conventions, writing an article for the Journal, being part of the Review Corps, being an IPMS/USA web site moderator, being a 25 or 50-year national member, etc.
  3. Community Involvement. They actively promote IPMS/USA in the community through participation in events designed to present IPMS/USA to the public, such as displays at libraries or museums, working with scouting and/or veteran’s groups, doing instructional programs, etc.
  4. A person cannot win the award more than once and a winner may not come from any given chapter more than once in five years. Current and former national Executive Board members are not eligible for this award.

The selection process will be:

A national member obtains a Member of the Year nominating petition blank from the IPMS/USA web site or from the IPMS/USA Recruitment/Retention Secretary. They complete the form, including a written statement as to why the candidate should be considered, and obtain the signatures and IPMS numbers of at least 15 members. When complete, the form is submitted to the Executive Board either via email to the Recruitment/Retention Secretary at (email TBD) or via snail mail to the IPMS/USA mail box. To be considered for any given year, a nomination must be received no later than two months before the next national convention.

The winner will be announced at the next national convention’s awards ceremony. The winner’s name and an extract of the nomination will be published in the national convention issue of the Journal and the winner will receive a specially colored IPMS/USA National name badge with their name and IPMS number on it along with “Member of the Year” and the year awarded.

IPMS/USA National Member of The Year Nomination Form

Previous Recipients

2022-23 Alan Welch
Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
New Bern, NC

Art Loder
IPMS Northeast New York
Albany, NY

2019-20 Joe Porche
IPMS Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
2018-19 Mike Moore
IPMS Chattanooga Scale Modelers
Chattanooga, TN
2017-18 Rob Booth
IPMS/USA Alamo Squadron Chapter
San Antonio, TX

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