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IPMS/USA National Office
PO Box 1411
Riverview, FL 33568-1411

General Modeling Questions

Join the IPMS/USA Forums and you can post your question on our Topic-specific sections or you can submit your questions to the IPMS/USA Journal. That will reach the entire membership but will take longer.

IPMS/USA Members gain access to the members only sections of the Forums.

Membership/Renewal Application

We welcome your messages and consider them essential, but the volume of e-mail is both high and sometimes misdirected. To expedite our response, we need your help getting your message to the right person.

Note - Please include your IPMS membership number, if you are a member, on all inquires. (Please do not send unsolicited photo or file attachments.)

Thanks for your cooperation.

Executive Board

David Lockhart

David Lockhart - President

Executive Board and IPMS/USA Policy questions.
Phil Peterson

Phil Peterson - 1st Vice President

All Vendor inquires, product announcements, reviews, etc. All Member comments or questions regarding Manufacturers, the Recon Report, kit reviews published in the Journal, and the Reviewer Corps.
John Bonanni

John Bonanni - Second Vice President

All National Convention related questions/comments.
John Figueroa

John Figueroa - Director of Local Chapters

All Chapter related questions and information. Chartering and renewal status, Chapter Contact info and/or updates, etc. All Local and Regional Contest Scheduling related questions and information.
Ro Annis

Ro Annis - Historian/Publications Director

All Questions on our IPMS/USA Modelers' Journal, IPMS/USA Publications, etc.
David Knights

David Knights - Recruitment and Retention Secretary

Rob Booth

Rob Booth - Secretary

General inquiries, and correspondence
Mike Oberholtzer

Mike Oberholtzer - Treasurer

IPMS/USA Fiscal Affairs

National Office

Marie Van Schoonhoven

Marie Van Schoonhoven - National Office Manager

All Membership questions, changes of address, missing Journal replacement request, etc. Provides maintenance and support for the National Membership Database.
Steve Broughall

Steve Broughall - Military & Veterans Services Liaison


Chris Bucholtz

Chris Bucholtz - Managing Editor

Ro Annis

Ro Annis - Advertising Director

All Questions on our IPMS/USA Modelers' Journal, IPMS/USA Publications, etc.
John Heck

John Heck - Art Director

The IPMS/USA Journal can accept articles, columns and submissions to chapter happenings. Our preferred format is a Microsoft Word 6.0 file; this can be e-mailed to us at editor@ipmsusa.org, or mailed to us on a CD at:

IPMS/USA Journal Submission
621 Choctaw Dr.
San Jose, CA 95123

The criteria for article and picture submissions are printed in the Journal on page four.

Member and Event System Administrator

Nancy Kennedy-Hackney

Nancy Kennedy-Hackney

Responsible for configuration and support of the MyIPMSUSA.org member and event system.


Eric Aitala

Eric Aitala - Webmaster

David Willis - Forum Administrator

Rick Jackson

Rick Jackson - Associate Webmaster

Box Art Gallery
Paul Markezich

Paul Markezich - Associate Webmaster

Box Art Gallery

Open Position - Associate Webmaster

Kit & Product Reviews

To apply email webmaster@ipmsusa.org

Open Position - Associate Webmaster

Events/Walkarounds & Members Gallery

To apply email webmaster@ipmsusa.org

Open Position - Associate Webmaster

Gallery Admin

To apply email webmaster@ipmsusa.org