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This annual award is presented to the IPMS/USA chapter and editor of the newsletter than best exemplifies the goals and spirit of IPMS/USA.

Documentation for this award may include, but not be limited to, such information as:

  1. The editor is a current IPMS member and will be so at the time of the presentation of the award which takes place at the National Convention. (The winner need not be in attendance to “win”. The award will be sent to the chosen recipient.)
  2. At these three (3) copies of the newsletter that show attention to spelling, grammar, and appropriate content for readers of all ages.
  3. Support through the prominent placement of an IPMS/USA membership application within chapter publications.
  4. Listing of the IPMS/USA website url.
  5. Inclusion of messages from the IPMS Regional Coordinator.
  6. Inclusion of a complete list of Chapter Officers (some Chapters do not have official officers and that will not have a negative impact on consideration for any IPMS sponsored award) and Chapter Contact.
  7. Evidence of a positive and cooperative relationship with other chapters within their Region and geographic area by the inclusion of information related to contests and events hosted by neighboring chapters.
  8. A track record of on-time publication and distribution of the newsletter.
  9. Appearance, aided by a layout, images, and text, which have eye appeal and lend a “professional” quality to the publication.

Previous Recipients


James Wentzel, Editor "The Pylon"
IPMS/Western Reserve

2021 David Henk, Editor “Just Glue It”

IPMS Model Creations Unlimited


Terry Huber, Editor "IPMS Orange County Newsletter"
IPMS Orange County

2019 Lynn Gorton, Editor "The Corsair"
IPMS Phoenix/Craig Hewitt Chapter
2018 Terry Huber, Editor "IPMS Orange County Newsletter"
IPMS Orange County
2017 Terry Huber, Editor "IPMS/Orange County Newsletter"
IPMS/Orange County
2016 John Currie, Editor "The Newsflash"
IPMS/Mid Carolina Swamp Fox Modelers
2015 Ben Morton, Editor "Sprue Examiner"
IPMS Austin Scale Modelers Society
2014 Dave Corvino, Editor "Modelers Voice"
IPMS Coastal Carolina
2013 Kevin Stover, Editor "The Monthly Resinator"
IPMS/Butch O'Hare
2012 Paul d?Hedouville, "The Capitol Flyer"
IPMS/Washington DC
2011 "The Capitol Flyer"
IPMS/Washington DC
2010 Wes Macon, "Gamecocks Gazette"
IPMS Sumter/Shaw AFB, SC
2009 Eric Choy, Editor "Sprue Examiner"
IPMS Austin Scale Modeler's Society, TX
2008 Geoff Warnock, Editor "Dimensions"
IPMS/Ocala, FL
2007 Mark Elder, Editor "Spare Parts"
IPMS/Richmond, VA
2006 Robert Magina, Editor "Battlewagon"
IPMS/Bay Colony Historical Modelers Plainville, MA
2005 IPMS Military Modelers of Louisville, KY
2004 Len Roberto, Editor "Sprue and Glue Review"
IPMS/Stratford, CT
2003 Larry Randel, Editor "The Scribed Line"
IPMS/Oregon Historical Modelers Society
2002 Lindy Pelphrey, Editor "Orange County Monthly"
IPMS/Orange County, CA
2001 Ted Barrett, Editor "Scale F/X"
2000 Ondra Baum, Editor
IPMS/Hampton Roads Scale Modelers
1999 Mike Fleckenstein, Editor
IPMS/Washington DC
1998 Ed Esposito, Editor "Flak Sheet"
IPMS/North Central Texas
1997 Don Blan, Editor "Jolly's Debrief"
IPMS/E.H. Miller, Evansville, IN

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