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IPMS LogoInternational Plastic Modelers' Society / USA



Officers Present
  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Steve Collins (First Vice President)
  • Mike Ronnau (Second Vice President)
  • Larry Randel (Director of Local Chapters)
  • Dick Montgomery (Secretary)
  • Ed Kinney (Treasurer)
  • John Ratzenberger (DFL)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian & Publication Director)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (National Office Manager) *
  • David Morrissette (Reviewer Corps Rep) *
  • Dennis Tennant (Forum Admin) *
  • Aris Pappas (50th Anniversary Celebration Cmte) *
  • Eric Aitala (Webmaster) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest


Dick Christ, President

  • Plans for I-Hobby are progressing nicely and Dick C expressed appreciation to the Cleveland group who are acting on behalf of IPMS in this project.

Steve Collins, 1st Vice President

  • Review Corps process is moving forward
    • 161 published reviews
    • 3 persons have recently joined the Reviewer Corps bringing the total number of reviewers to 94.
    • A new post on the forum inviting interested persons may attract additional reviews.
    • 2 Manufacturers have joined to list of those that provide items for review.
    • IPMS is a leader in providing high quality reviews due to the "Build" policy.

Mike Ronnau, 2nd Vice President

  • 2014 - No news to report. The Convention Parameters will soon be updated to include issues involving the celebration of the 50th anniversary of IPMS-USA.
  • 2013 - Colorado is requesting funds for website development. The banquet has been moved from the Ranch to the Hotel. This was due to construction between the two structures causing safety concerns. The end result is that a vendor room will be flipped as was done at the Omaha convention.
  • 2012 - Financial reports have arrived from the convention staff.

Dick Montgomery, Secretary

  • There is a possibility of a new Point of Contact in Afghanistan for the Support the Troops program. If this PoC develops it will be added to the IPMS website and will be drawn to the attention of potential donors. Fine Scale Modeler recently included a - page summary of the STT program.
  • The donations to the Wounded Warriors at Brooke Army Med Ctr continue to arrive. Two IPMS members conduct ABC sessions with the troops every two weeks and the troops constantly express their appreciation for the donated items.

Ed Kinney, Treasurer

Checking account $45,657.33
Savings Account 27,537.13
Convention Savings 14,283.43
Make N Take 2,099.39
Cert of Deposit 46,547.63
Cert of Deposit 80,336.22
2012 Convention 29,602.99
Total $246,065.12

Larry Randel, DLC

  • RCs are soliciting nominations from clubs for Chapter of the Year (COY), Newsletter of the Year (NOY), and Website/Webmaster of the Year (WOY).
  • At the midpoint of annual nominations for National IPMS Chapter of the Year, Newsletter of the Year, and Website/Webmaster of the Year. (Period is for April 1011 to April 2012 to be considered for 2011 winners). Deadline for submissions is-to me is April 15th and then E-board will consider choices to pick the winners from the regional nominations to be announced at the Orlando Nationals.
  • Going to be replacing RC 3 (Phil Hale retiring) and RC-8 (Jim Woody moved out of California).
  • Dave Morrissette is arranging a donation from Moebius Models-Pallet of models to be used in various IPMS programs. Jim Brooks, CAC, has agreed to administer the disposition of these items. Jim will work up a protocol for clubs to request donation packages in the same manner as is used for the MNT program.
  • Make and Take Numbers for March
    • Events: 6
    • Models: 315 Model
    • Costs: $ 944.40
    • Shipping Costs: $ 147.13
    • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $ 300.00
      • Dick C asked: "Do chapters report MnT activity to IPMS even when the kits do not come from the MnT Program- It is nice to know when chapters are doing good things in their community."
        • Larry R reports that some clubs pass along images to the IPMS Gallery or they publish the MnT activity in their newsletters but otherwise clubs do not report these activities. Clubs will be encouraged to report these activities as a "motivation" to other clubs to conduct such activities.
  • Reviewed process with Chris Bucholz for DLC input to Journal for events after approved and posted on the IPMS web calendar. -Reviewed the event list headed to publication in the March Journal against the online calendar. Review is a good cross-check to eliminate missing events in the journal listings.

John Ratzenberger, DFL

No agenda items

Jim Pearsall, Historian/Publications Director

  • No agenda items

Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary

  • No agenda items

MJ Kinney, National Office Manager

  • Journal - V24J2 is at the printers' now - do not have a mailing date as of yet. It will be mailed to a total of 4,482. Previous high mailings have been Jan-Feb 2010 - 4,501; Nov-Dec 2009 - 4,493; Sept-Oct 2003 - 4,492;Nov-Dec 2000 - 5,005 and July-Aug 2000 - 5,065 - I just thought this might be of interest !!
  • We have 135 new members up from 16 last reported in January.
  • We will be sending in the application for Convention Cancellation Insurance in the next week or so.

Staff in Attendance

Reviewer Corps Rep - Dave Morrissette

  • Dick C expressed appreciation for the work that Dave provides in regard to the Reviewer Corps.

Forum Adm.- Dennis Tennant

  • Dick C expressed appreciation for the work that Dennis provides in regard to the Forum.

50th Anniversary Celebration Committee - Aris Pappas

  • A logo has been selected for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.
  • Committee will make suggestions for activities running up to 2014 and also suggestions for activities during the 50th Year.
  • Five areas of focus:
    • Journal
    • Advertising
    • Industry
    • Contest, Specials, and Categories
      • Committee will coordinate directly with NCC regarding Categories
    • General Events

Webmaster - Eric Aitala

  • Dick C expressed appreciation for the work that Eric provides in regard to the Website

Submitted by Dick Montgomery, Secretary