1/35 Sd. Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger - Porsche Production Type
Kit Number: 6351 Premium Edition
Reviewed by  Ed Sarnecki, IPMS# 44978

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MSRP: $48.95
Website: www.dragonmodelsusa.com

The Jagdtiger, or Hunting tiger weighed 75 tons when unleashed by the German army mid to late 1944. Only 11 Porsche Production Types where produced. It had a frontal armor of 250mm with a 128mm main gun.

This is Dragon's latest release of the mammoth tank hunter and it is a very nicely detailed kit with a lot of extras. The extras include aluminum turned barrel, metal tow cable with tow hooks and two photo etch frets.

There are nearly 290 parts in medium gray including 6 sprues of individual track links, 4 clear parts plus 9 metal parts and two frets of photo etch parts. All of the casting is very detailed with no flash. There are only two paint schemes provided on the instruction sheet. There are five different vehicle numbers provided. The instruction sheet has 20 steps starting with the suspension.

This kit is highly recommended. I would like to thank Dragon and IPMS USA for this review sample.


STEP 1: Road Wheels and Suspension -I noticed that some of the bogie parts numbers are reversed, but other wise were a good fit.

[review image] [review image]

Step 2: Suspension to Lower Hull- As you are assembling the suspension to the lower hull ensure that the wheels are on the bogies and the bogies are square and straight on the lower hull before the glue sets up.

Step 3: Idler and Road Wheel installation. All OK No Problems

Step 4: Drive Sprocket and Road Wheel Installation. All OK No Problems

Step 5: Rear Plate and Exhaust - The zimmerit on rear plate was done with a modified tip in rheostat controlled soldering iron . There many fittings to do with putty.

[review image] [review image] [review image]

Step 6: Rear Plate and Exhaust Installation to Lower Hull OK

Step 7: Mud Flap Installation I left the rear mud flaps off until the end of the construction.

Step 8: Photo Etch Parts I left all the photo etch (except screens) left off until the upper and lower hulls are put together. I replaced all the handles with bent copper wire.

Steps 9 & 10 Zimmerit, Before I applied the zimmerit I drilled all attachment points thru the hull and cut the edges of the armor plates is emphasized. I left off the spare tack links on the right side until the end.

[review image] [review image] [review image]

Step 11: Zimmerit, I applied the zimmerit with putty and marked all tool locations. I also drilled thru the upper hull will squeeze them and thus locating them for later.

Step 12: Machine Gun and Front Armor Plate Installation There was a slight fit problem with the front armor plate and the super structure to the upper hull. I had to file it down until it fit properly.

Step 13: Travel Lock Left off until the end. I also left off the tools and spare track links until the end.

Step 14: Tool installation Left off until the end. All Ok No Problems

[review image] [review image] [review image] [review image]

Step: 15: Building the gun breach, All Ok No Problems

Step 16: Gun Breach Installation to lower floor All Ok No Problems

Step 17: Tracks, The tracks are very tedious but ok. I built the entire run and placed them on the running gear to cure. I adjusted the length to get the right sag while on the running gear.

Step 18: Upper and Lower Hull installation I had to grind off a little bit of the upper hull in order to fit to the lower hull.

Step 19: Mantlet Parts Good fit and nice cast texture.

Step 20: Side Skirts I left off one side to the proper sag in the tracks right spot

Painting: 1st coat of final color- Tamiya Dark Yellow XF-60 (70%) plus Tamiya Dark Earth XF-52 (30%). 2nd coat of Tamiya Dark Yellow plus Buff and various other shades applied unevenly. Gloss coat of Future floor wax before applying decals. Pin washes of Burnt Umber & Paynes Grey (mixed 50-50) in seams, joints around bolt heads, etc. Light dry brushing with oils

What a fun kit. No major issues with the anything and looks great when done.

[review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image] [review image]