1/35 German Armored Car Crew
Kit Number: 35072
Reviewed by  Don Barry, IPMS # 46771

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MSRP: $16.95 USD

The kit consists of 49 parts on two sprues, which are not numbered. Parts are grouped together by figure: four (4) standing and one (1) seated. The kit is molded in medium grey plastic - a bit softer than usual. The mold seams are rather prominent throughout. Each figure has a separate head and/or head-gear, and can be posed slightly different from the diagrams without "surgery."

A color paint guide is printed on the box back, calling out paint colors from Vallejo, Humbrol, Tamiya, Testors, Revell and Mr. Color. Builders beware: some of the pointers in the color chart go to the wrong location of a particular color. No decals are included.

Cleanup is fairly simple. Using the scraping method works the best. (Sanding tends to raise a little "fuzz" due to the softness of the plastic.) Pay special attention to the ear and hand areas, where seams are prominent. The figures were built according to the box instructions. Very little filler was needed, just mostly along the shoulder seams. I used thinned auto body sanding filler.

Painting started with a base of Tamiya acrylics, getting as close as possible to the finished color. When thoroughly dry, shadows and highlights were added with tube oil paints, which allowed application of thin coats with little paint build-up. Seams and collars were lightly outlined, to accentuate without appearing too harsh. I used colors only a little darker then the base color.

All in all, this is a very serviceable figure set. They are adaptable for a wide variety of vehicles. The three figures not in camouflage would be good candidates for Afrika Corps vehicles, especially the figure with the high boots and pith helmet. The other two could perhaps be used in one of the eight-wheeled SdKfz 234 series armored cars. Poses can be altered to fit the vehicle; after-market heads and rank badges can be added to individualize them.

I recommend this as a good value for the price. Thanks go to MiniArt for the opportunity to review this kit.

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