Classic Warships Publishing
Aircraft Pictorial #2 - SB2U Vindicator
by  Dana Bell
Reviewed By  Ed Kinney, IPMS# 2989

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MSRP: $18.00
ISBN: 978-0-9823583-2-0

Soft cover, 72 pages of information and photos of Chance/Vought's Dive Bomber.

The opening pages offer a 2 page general history of the Vindicator, followed by a plethora of photos (mostly black and white) including some of the finest detail shots I've seen on this specific aircraft. Also included are superb 5 view line drawings, including the float plane version, and color profiles on the various squadrons flown, both Navy and USMC.

If a Vindicator build is in your future, this publication should be considered a must. Next in this series will be the OS2U Kingfisher. Many thanks to Classic Warships Publishing for the review sample.

Highly recommended.