MiniArt Models
1/35 US Jeep Crew and MP
Kit Number: 35047
Reviewed by  Howie Belkin, IPMS# 16

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MSRP: $15.95
Kit distributed and supplied by Dragon Models USA:

U.S. Army figure set of a seated driver and passenger, and three standing MP figures. Approximately 53 light grey injection molded styrene parts on two sprue trees.

MiniArt's illustrator Andrey Karaschuk, provides you with full color box art and instructions on the front and back of the box that shows you what the figures should look like when completed. The G.I.'s are wearing light tan jackets and spats over OD shirt and trousers.

[review image] To expedite this and make it a timely review, this will just be an in-box review. Figures consist of seven well defined body parts each, plus a separate weapon, hollowed out helmet and ammo pouch or pouches. Two men have holstered pistols, one has a Tommy gun and another has a Garand. One fellow would be unarmed unless the driver has his rifle in the jeeps holster. With the helmets hollowed out it would be simple enough to add the webbing inside them and display them that way. The figures have complete heads but appear bald so you might want to scribe or paint on hair. Their faces are very distinct representing different 'looks'. One has perfect chiseled cheeks another has heavy eyebrows, one looks like the last cop that wrote me a ticket. Some have a separate hand which makes posing them holding their weapon more realistic.

[review image] My set was very clean with very minimal flash, and no ejection pin marks. At your option you could create and add gun straps to the Thompson SMG and Garand but they weren't always fitted. Interestingly, each figure has raised areas where ranks, division insignia and MP arm bands would be. Sorry, no decals are provided but you can either raid your spare decals box or if you have a steady hand, paint them on. The MP bands and helmet markings are easily done if you have small alphabet sheets for several MP letters. The box shows 29th Inf. Div but these men are typical of any ETO troops. The back of the box repeats each illustration, with the parts keyed off to the plastic parts and paint color coded for Vallejo, Testors, Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell and Mr. Color paints. A black and white sheet shows the sprue trees and part numbers.

I spoke to a MiniArt representative through an interpreter in the Dragon-USA-Con room of our 2007 O.C. National Convention and was impressed by the excellent quality and choices of subject matter they have out and have planned. Thanks to Dragon Models USA for the review sample. You can get yours at better hobbyshops or or call: (626) 968-0322. MiniArt has a nice selection of well done, creatively posed figures I heartily recommend to everyone. Now if they'd release long neglected US and British tank crews with decals in each setů

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