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The Malta edition of the IPMS USA 50th Anniversary Competition was held at the Society's headquarters at Hamrun on Wednesday 25th June 2014.

The winning entry was a white metal figure sculpted and cast by David Grech showing Malta Prime Minister Dr. George Borg Olivier holding the Maltese Declaration of Independence on September 21, 1964. This entry was considered by the Judge as the most relevant model to 1964 in the local context.

Modeller Information

  • Name: David Grech
  • Country and City: Malta/Marsaskala
  • Chapter and/or IPMS Branch: IPMS MALTA (http://ipmsmalta.com/wp/)

Model Information

  • Name: Malta's Declaration of Independence 21st September 1964
  • Scale: 75mm
  • Manufacturer: Scratch built
  • Master model: Duro Green epoxy
  • Cast Model: Pewter

Malta celebrates 1964 as Independence Day.

It was an opportunity to create a model depicting the then Prime Minister Dr. George Borg Olivier proclaiming Malta's Independence.

Archive photos soon provided the unmistakable stance of the PM presenting the declaration.

Sculpting such an historic figure needs above all a good resemblance. The rest would follow easily. My style of sculpting trends on artistic rendering with a slight lean on caricature.

At a model height of 75mm the finished master in Green epoxy was pressed in a vulcanized mould to be cast in Pewter. The casting was then cleaned and treated for a blue /black patina tint.

The model was built in about 2 months.