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Online registration for the 2011 National Convention in Omaha is now available.

As the club contact For IPMS CARS in Miniature Model Car Club I want to thank IPMS for all the great help we get from you.

The insurance coverage for all our events, the Make n Takes, Show and Tells and the Model Contests we hold or do, we are a very active club in all of these areas.

The Make n Take program IPMS has in effect is what the club feels is the best tool our club has to bring new members into a club meeting and hopefully join. Both adult and youth level, our family membership plan seems to be the best as it covers everyone in the family. In the last 2 1/2 years the club membership has doubled and is still growing as these new members will tell a friend, so the word gets out rather fast, we feel that this is due to the Make n Take program we follow and use....


We have an exclusive - the first online review of Italeri's Italian Regia Marina Motor Torpedo Boat kit.

IPMS/USA is proud to announce that a new Point of Contact has been established with the IPMS Speicher group as part of our "Supporting the Troops" Initiative is This is a "Boots on the Ground" group in Iraq to whom you as an individual, and your Chapter as a group, can send hobby-related supplies.

The new Point of Contact is SPC Craig Perry. The address for SPC Perry is:

SPC Perry
Craig A. B Co.
DSTB 4th Infantry Division
APO AE 09393