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We are very excited to announce the new IPMS/USA Director of Social Media, Mrs. Eugenie Ray.

Eugenie has developed a unique skill set and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new position. She spent 18 years leading content and knowledge management initiatives at Cisco Systems, including writing and editing content and managing the design and structure of over one thousand internal websites. She led the team that set design and content policy, but also documented structure and knowledge sharing.

Eugenie is  an administrator of several Facebook groups. She has experience in managing user bases, moderating posts and comments, and all advanced user/post statistics. She is proficient in the creation of YouTube videos, Instagram posts, working within other...


Phil Peterson – President

  • Significant interest and response to 2VP and Secretary call for candidates.  Interview teams established and Zoom calls to start next week

Membership System – Nancy Kennedy-Hackney

  • Table sales count up significantly this week, email blast underway

Office Manager – Marie Van Schoonhoven

  • Membership list sent out to printer for next mailing – 5082 issues, 212 expiration reminders
  • Member/Chapter Affiliation project underway

Website – Eric Aitala

  • Currently working on assembling the web team - we have a number of folks who are interested in helping out in a number of ways. For the moment we are working on setting up roles and strategy going forward. I...

Fellow IPMS/USA Members

This week I accepted the resignation of Len Pilhofer from the Second Vice President position, and Rob Booth from the Secretary role.  Each left for their own (and different) reasons and I will respect their decisions to do so.  We have begun the process of finding and appointing replacement officers to fill these two roles for the remainder of the term and as a member you should see an email inviting you to indicate your interest in being considered.  In the short term, I have asked John Noack to temporarily fill the Secretary position (in addition to his 1VP duties) as we start that search.

The fact that the Board is in some degree of transition may be a subject of speculation, but I want to assure you that IPMS/USA remains solid...


Phil Peterson called the meeting to order at 6:05PM, CST.


First Discussion Item – The Editorial by Chris Bucholtz in the Sep/Oct Journal


After significant discussion, it was agreed by vote of 5 to 2 that the Editor has a right to offer his own opinions (the definition of an editorial) and that no further action would be taken.  PP agreed to respond directly to those who had written in voicing their concerns over the editorial as published.  The Board's reasoning was based on the fact that Chris’ opinion was based on what he observed on the IPMS/USA Facebook page.  In fact, his suggestions as to how this should have been handled were really close to how it...