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To All IPMS/USA Members,

Many of us are shocked and saddened by the conflict in Ukraine. Just over a month ago Ukrainians were living their lives in peace and suddenly their cities are being destroyed, fellow citizens are dying, and many are fleeing for safety in bordering countries. Truly tragic and unnecessary.

Ukraine is the home of many great model companies. I’ve received several emails from IPMS/USA members asking how they can help not only these modeling companies but also those in need in Ukraine.

How can we help? There are many ways. You can contribute individually, as a chapter or in the case of the folks from Red River Modelers, at their RiverCon-2022 show from which they donated 10% ($532) of their proceeds to Samaritans Purse (https://www.samaritanspurse.org).

There are many organizations which one can donate to. There’s a good article from Forbes highlighting how one can donate to those in Ukraine, https://www.forbes.com/advisor/personal-finance/donate-relief-to-ukraine/.

I would highly recommend that one review the organization you want to donate to at this link: Charity Navigator: https://www.charitynavigator.org/. Charity Navigator shows which groups are legitimate and the percentage of each dollar donated that goes to those in need. During a crisis like Ukraine and other natural disasters, the scammers come out willing to steal money of those in need.

Below is a list of the model companies in Ukraine. No one knows the status of these, but many have been warehousing and distributing their products from neighboring countries like Poland and Hungary.

Finally, there is a UK Publishing Company, Inside the Armor is publishing a book, “Models for Ukraine”. All the models in the book were built by Ukrainian modelers. THE FULL PROFITS FROM THIS BOOK will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal to help refugees and civilians in the Ukraine. https://www.insidethearmour.com/product-page/models-for-ukraine-book.

We will keep you all updated if we hear any updates. Let’s all pray this conflict ends soon and hope those in Ukraine will be able to start rebuilding their country.

Dave Lockhart
IPMS/USA President
(678) 620-8417