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This is a personal invitation for our IPMS membership to attend the 2014 National Convention celebrating the 50th Anniversary of IPMS.  It describes the program we are planning and the local attractions in the Tidewater, Virginia area.

To Our Membership;

We need a treasurer. The E-Board and I have decided to ask those of our members who would like to serve our organization to volunteer for the position. This is a self-nomination process. 

As defined in the IPMS/USA Constitution,

Section 5. Treasurer

  1. The position of Treasurer shall not be an elective position but will be appointed by the Executive Board.
  2. The Treasurer shall collect all monies and make all disbursements keeping detailed accounts of all monies received and expended by the Society.
  3. The Treasurer will make a yearly financial report that will be published in an IPMS publication. He will prepare and file necessary financial forms including an income tax return...

The server for the main IPMS/USA home page has been experiencing issues for the past few days.  Currently the site is online but is slow and occasionally drops offline.  Our service provider may still be working on the issue, so be aware that the site may go offline again.

Also, note that I currently have no access to update the home page to add a notification about the issue.  Please check the Forums or the IPMS/USA Facebook group for updates.

The results from the IPMS/USA Executive Board Election -

  • President:  Dick Christ 
  • 1st Vice President:  Dave Morrissette
  • 2nd Vice President:  Michael Ronnau
  • Secretary:  Dennis Tennant 
  • Director of Local Chapters:  Larry Randel 
  • Historian/Publications Director:  Jim Pearsall