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To All IPMS/USA Members,

Many of us are shocked and saddened by the conflict in Ukraine. Just over a month ago Ukrainians were living their lives in peace and suddenly their cities are being destroyed, fellow citizens are dying, and many are fleeing for safety in bordering countries. Truly tragic and unnecessary.

Ukraine is the home of many great model companies. I’ve received several emails from IPMS/USA members asking how they can help not only these modeling companies but also those in need in Ukraine.

How can we help? There are many ways. You can contribute individually, as a chapter or in the case of the folks from Red River Modelers, at their RiverCon-2022 show from which they donated 10% ($532) of their proceeds to Samaritans Purse (...


Officer/Staff Reports

Dave Lockhart – President

  • Called the meeting to order at 7:04PM, EST
  • Dave is going to research where our IPMS/USA charter document is located
  • Kudos to Mike Oberholtzer for spearheading the Wild Apricot integration efforts with the National Convention registration team.
  • Asked for concerted effort to get the membership records updated to help keep the Journal going out to the membership on time.
  • Dave initiated a discussion regarding IPMS/USA’s liability insurance.  We need to re-evaluate our coverages to include major catastrophe (i.e. covid, etc.)  Rob to work with Dave to research the requirements.
  • Dave asked John to research the cost IPMS/USA sponsoring a light meal for the judges...

Make sure we have the right email address!

IPMS/USA Members, our new membership system is off to a good start, but like everything new, there are some new things to be aware of. Here are a couple of things that have come to our attention:

  1. When you visit IPMSUSA.org and follow the links to our "Membership Home" page, or if you see a link in an email from us, you might notice that the address ipmsu28.wildapricot.org sometimes appears. This is a legitimate address. Wild Apricot is our partner for the new membership and event system, so you will see their address often. You might also notice “Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software at the bottom of the new pages.
  2. The old...

Fellow modelers, today we roll out a new member and event management system that will bring IPMS/USA into the 21st century. With over 4,500 members, IPMS/USA is much too big and complex to manage on an Access database any longer! The new system brings automated processing to many of the repetitive tasks involved in keeping track of our memberships and will improve turnaround time on renewals, new memberships, convention registrations and more.

Some of the features you can take advantage of now:

  • Online Renewals: You will now begin to receive emails notifying you when your membership renewal is due. No more wondering or checking the Journal cover for your expiration date- you will get a few reminders...