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As the club contact For IPMS CARS in Miniature Model Car Club I want to thank IPMS for all the great help we get from you.

The insurance coverage for all our events, the Make n Takes, Show and Tells and the Model Contests we hold or do, we are a very active club in all of these areas.

The Make n Take program IPMS has in effect is what the club feels is the best tool our club has to bring new members into a club meeting and hopefully join. Both adult and youth level, our family membership plan seems to be the best as it covers everyone in the family. In the last 2 1/2 years the club membership has doubled and is still growing as these new members will tell a friend, so the word gets out rather fast, we feel that this is due to the Make n Take program we follow and use....


We have an exclusive - the first online review of Italeri's Italian Regia Marina Motor Torpedo Boat kit.

IPMS/USA is proud to announce that a new Point of Contact has been established with the IPMS Speicher group as part of our "Supporting the Troops" Initiative is This is a "Boots on the Ground" group in Iraq to whom you as an individual, and your Chapter as a group, can send hobby-related supplies.

The new Point of Contact is SPC Craig Perry. The address for SPC Perry is:

SPC Perry
Craig A. B Co.
DSTB 4th Infantry Division
APO AE 09393

2010 USN/USMC/USCG 1/72 Aircraft Kit Survey

J. Michael McMurtrey - skyking918@verizon.net

As 2011 marks the centennial of U.S. naval aviation, aircraft modelers might be interested in this list of US naval aircraft — including those of the Marines and Coast Guard, as well as captured enemy aircraft tested by the US Navy — which are available as 1/72 scale kits. Why 1/72? There are far more kits of naval aircraft available in this scale than any other. Plus, it’s my favorite, in spite of advancing age and weakening eyes.

For more, download the PDF file.