International Plastic Modelers' Society / USA

International Plastic Modelers' Society / USA



The 2016 National Contest Rules and Categories have been updated on the NCC web pages.

Mary Jane Kinney, the IPMS/USA Office Manager, passed away on October 14.

MJ was the face of our organization to our members and to those outside our organization. We will miss her sense of humor, willingness to help our members, and her tolerance of the uniqueness of our members.

Our condolences to her family and friends on their loss.

A remembrance page has been created on the forum for those who would like to share a story.

Dick Christ

The results from the 2015 IPMS/USA Executive Board Election have been tallied and are as follows:

  • President
    • Ron Bell - 321 votes
    • Bruce Drummond - 90 votes
    • Abstain - 2 votes
    • Write-in
      • Doug West - 1 vote
      • Doug Reed - 1 vote
      • Gil Hodges - 2 votes
  • First VP
    • David Morrissette - 395 votes 
    • Abstain - 10 votes
    • Write-in
      • Art Loder - 1 vote
      • Don West - 1 vote
      • Rafael Hernandez - 1 vote
      • Richard Montgomery - 1 vote
      • Ron Bell - 1 vote
      •  Bruce Drummond - 1 vote
      • Joe Caputo - 1 vote
      • Anyone else - 1 vote

    Second VP

    • Mike Van...

The Executive Board Election has closed - the web site has been taken offline, the votes tabulated and sent to the main office.  The physical ballots will also be tabulated and the results announced as soon as possible.

From Larry Randal in

Thanks to the generosity of Dick Christ, he will order through his hobby shop (Hobby Depot in Tempe, AZ) and we are able to resume the program at least temporarily. I also note many great ideas being generated on the IPMS Facebook page and thank everyone for their suggestions that we will look into.

Due to a loss of a reasonably priced supply of models, as of today, 8/19/15, the IPMS/USA Make and Take program is temporarily suspended. If an order has been made already it should be filled but we are no longer able to...