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Membership Recruitment Program

One time that clubs have access to a large audience all at one time is at a local contest. It was suggested that if clubs could sell national memberships at the show at a reduced rate, with the face to face and face to model contact, more people might join the national and then be more inclined to join the local as well. The Eboard discussed the idea and have approved the program.

This program is applicable only to:

  1. New members
  2. Lapsed former members (gone for more than a year)

To summarize:

At an iPMS/USA recognized model show, currently chartered Chapters may sell IPMS/USA National Memberships at a discounted rate of:

  • $25/yr. for an Adult
  • $12/yr. for a Junior

There is no discount available to international memberships due to postage prices. The local host provides the forms, collects the completed forms and payment, then sends the forms and one check for the total collected to IPMS/USA. Membership forms can be copied out of the IPMS/USA Journal or the Chapter newsletters. Lapsed members should provide their old IPMS/USA number if possible. New and lapsed members will receive their membership materials within several weeks.

This pricing is only available to new or non-current members. Current members cannot use it to renew or extend their memberships and are only available during the run of the show.

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