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About the Event...

IPMS Eagle Squadron is proud to present RDUCon 2024 on Jan 27th, 2024 The show and contest will feature 2 buildings for the event: building 1 (left) for the main contest and right next door building 2 (right) as a separate space available for vendors.

Contest Hours: 9a - 5p. Registration closes at noon.

D-Day 80th Anniversary (Any Country, Any Army, Any Navy, Any Air  Forces, Any Coast Guard involved in the D-Day Invasion)
Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary (Any year, Any Model)
Space The Final Frontier (Real Space, Sci-Fi, Fantasy eligible)


1A Single / Multi Engine Prop / Jet 1/144 and smaller all
1B Single / Multi Engine Prop 1/72 – 1/76
1C Single / Multi Engine Jet 1/72 – 1/76
1D Single Engine Prop 1/48
1E Single Engine Jet 1/48
1F Multi Engine Prop 1/48
1G Multi Engine Jet 1/48
1H Single / Multi Engine Prop 1/32 and larger
1I Single / Multi Engine Jet 1/32 and larger
1J Rotary Wing all scales
1K Civilian all scales
1L Biplane / Rigged all scales
1M Out of Box

2A Closed top AFV / Open Top AFV / Soft Skin / Wheeled / Tracked 1/16 and larger
2B Closed Top AFV 1/35
2C Open Top AFV 1/35 (interior judged)
2D Closed Top AFV 1/48
2E Open Top AFV 1/48 (interior judged)
2F Closed Top AFV 1/72 and smaller
2G Open Top AFV 1/72 and smaller (interior judged)
2H Wheeled / Tracked Soft Skin all scales
2I Artillery all scales (including prime mover)
2J Out of Box

3A Oar and Sail all scales
3B Powered 1/350 and larger Military
3C Powered 1/351 and smaller Military
3D Submarines all scales
3E Civilian all scales
3F Out of Box

Vehicles (Non-Military
4A Showroom Stock all scales
4B Street Rods (1959 and older) all scales
4C Street Machines (1960 and newer) all scales
4D Slammers / Curbside all scales
4E Open Wheel Competition all scales
4F Closed Wheel Competition all scales
4G Rust / Dust / Rat Rods all scales
4H Motorcycles all scales
4I Trucks, Civilian, Light Commercial 4 Wheels or Less all scales
4J Trucks Heavy Commercial, Construction 4 Wheels or more all scales
4K Small Scale 1/32 and smaller all types
4L Out of Box

Real Space / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Gundams
5A Real Space all types, all scales
5B Movie Space —— Star Wars, Star Trek, Space 1999, Battle Star Galactica all types, all
5C Sci-Fi all types, all scales
5D Fantasy all types, all scales
5E Gundams 1/144 All Grades, all models
5F Gundams 1/100 All Grades, all models
5G Gundams 1/60 All Grades, all models
5H Mecha / Maschinen Krueger all types, all scales

6A Dismounted all scales, all types
6B Mounted all scales, all types
6C Busts all scales, all types
6D Animals / Dinosaurs all scales all types

7 All Subjects, limited to 12”x12” size

8A All Ages, all types, all scales
8B Legos all ages, all types, all scales
9A All types, all scales not represented in any other category
9B Humor in modeling all scales
9C Collections (5 or more models)
9D Triathlon (3 models from 3 different categories)
9E 3-D Printed all scales, all subjects


Event Information
Event Date: 
January 27, 2024 - 9:00am to 5:00pm EST
American Legion Post 116
Event Address: 
6400 Johnson Pond Road
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526
United States
Event Host: 
IPMS Eagle Squadron
Hosting IPMS/USA Chapter(s): 
Contact Information
Contest Chairperson's Name: 
Ron Verburg
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