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Fri, 05/31/2024 - 14:40
I just finished my submission for "Paint a Vampire Month". I got the files from Fotis Mint and 3d printed them. He's painted primarily with Vallejo acrylics and pastels. The pedestal was a separate piece while the bust was all one piece. The pupil / iris area was modeled hollow with a counterbore and after painting I filled it in with clear UV resin. He didn't photograph all that well, maybe because of the black background. Steven

1/3 scale Lagun FTV-1 Vertical Milling Machine

Wed, 05/29/2024 - 23:15
I scratch built this 1/3 scale model in 1987 during my apprenticeship, worked mainly in polycarbonate, ABS, aluminum, mild steel, and brass. Some WEP (water extended polyester resin), Wren board and copper. It took over 350 hours to complete, X, Y & Z table movements worked when first built, time has sized things up a bit, but it is still nice to have in my collection. Cheers Rick

R-11 refuel / defuel tanker

Wed, 05/29/2024 - 23:04
1/25 scale scratch built Oshkosh R-11 refuel / defuel tanker in US Air Force trim. Finished in 1999, still looks the same, was one of my favorite builds.

Returning after 30 years away from IPMS

Wed, 05/29/2024 - 22:54
Greetings fellow scale modelers. It has been far too long since being a member, good to be back. I have been scale modeling for over 40 years. I prefer to model in 1/25 & 1/24 scale, although do enjoy 1/35 vehicles from time to time. I mostly build class 8 trucks, off highway mining & logging equipment, super haul trucks, some trailers, heavy machinery and so on. I work mostly in ABS, brass, resin and styrene, but have used paper, wood, elastomers, aluminum and certain alloys as the work defined. I have done commission work in the past, but have only been building for myself since 2008. Occasionally I build figures in 1/12 & 1/16, aircraft (civilian) in 1/72, WW2 military aircraft in 1/48, 1/32 & 1/24. Single largest scale model to date, 1/8 Trojan front end loader & 1/3 Lagun Vertical Mill. I am a journeyman industrial model maker with over 35 years in the trade, and am currently teaching the craft at a local college. Nothing has been as rewarding as teaching this craft to others who show interest in continuing applying the knowledge. Cheers Rick

Tamiya 1:48 F-35B

Wed, 05/29/2024 - 09:57
Good morning, I have finished Part I of this model, there are three choices to finish it and I picked the “Vertical Landing” option so that all of the detail painting will be visible. One of the first pieces of advice when I started this was to not paint anything hidden. With this model I’ve learned that this rule takes some significant pre-work to really figure out what will not be visible in the finished model. Tamiya makes no effort to highlight this. Thanks very much for looking, any and all comments are much appreciated.

The Duke Finishes Five Armor in May

Tue, 05/28/2024 - 22:39
This has been a good month for my Motor Pool. Today, my Swedish Army takes deliver of four different variants of light tanks. First is the Strv M/38: The Strv M/39 is next: The Strv M/40K: And the Strv M/40L: All these 1/72 scale tanks were made by IBG and assembled and painted by me. Finally, my Syrian Army takes delivery of this Trumpeter 1/72 scale Syrian BTR-70 Late: And there is all my armor for May. Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome.

The Duke Finishes Two More Aircraft in May

Tue, 05/28/2024 - 22:25
After some time, and quite a lot of 'clonking' around on one model, I managed to finish these two aircraft in May. This first one is the Eduard Profi-pak 1/72 scale Israeli S-199 fighter. I did this one in the markings of the only S-199 to ever shoot down another aircraft. This one is credited with shooting down two Egyptian C-47 makeshift bombers: This next one is the 'clonker'. Here is my Trumpeter 1/72 scale Tu-95 Bear bomber finally completed. Painted with Model Master and Humbrols. I apologize for the backgrounds, I did some clone brush to hide the incredible amount of clutter in the original pics. This thing is too big for my background: That's all for now, stay tuned for more later.

Dracula AD 1972

Tue, 05/28/2024 - 21:03
In 1972 London - a century after his final battle with Professor Van Helsing - One hundred years later, the colorful 1972, Johnny, the great-grandson of the servant joins up with a "group" containing Jessica, the grand-daughter of the present vampire hunter, Abraham van Helsing and with their unknowing help resurrect Dracula in the 20th Century who is determined to destroy the house of Van Helsing, but who can believe that The king of the Vampires really exists and is alive - in 20th Century London? The image below is what I think the sculptor got his idea from. The kit is in 2 parts, where one part, the Victim, Caroline Munro, sits inside the base which is also the Dracula (Christopher Lee) figure. The kit was once again very clean. As with most kits there is only a slight parting line across the hair. As is my new usual, the skin starts off with a coat of pinkle and red - After the pinkle was dry I applied the skin tones. I didn't want them both identical so Dracula got a light coat of Medium Flesh, and the victim for the Game Air Flesh. After that was some dotting from Reikland Fleshshade wash. Drac's hair is almost Black, while the Victim is done with the German Black Brown. They both are wearing black so I have Drac highlighted with a blue shine, and the Victims dress is just strictly gloss black. Her cheeks and chest were done with a very thin Transparent red, and her eye shadow is simply black pastel. Drac's 5 o'clock shadow was done with a dark blue pastel. Once dry it all was sealed in Vallejo Matte ending the project. The only downside IMHO to this kit is Dracula's expression. If he was about to bite, you think you would see the teeth bared, his brow furrowed and the eyes squinting preparing for the attack. Post bite, I would think his eye would again be squinting, and his mouth relaxing still with the teeth bared. This expression makes me think he's creeping on Caroline. Thanks for looking.

Hobbyboss 1/35 Land Rover RSOV

Sun, 05/26/2024 - 19:48
I completed this build yesterday afternoon. Built in three monthly four hour Zoom session for a So Cal AMPS online 12 hour build challenge. This is the Hobbyboss 1/35 Land Rover Defender Ranger Special Operations Vehicle, built OOB, aside from swapping out the shovel and water cans for US types instead of the British types that came in the kit. I used Tamiya Rubber Black over a Tamiya lacquer flat black base, and Vallejo color for detail items such as seat cushions, weapons, and stowage. Weathering is AK Pigments, Middle Eastern Soil Thanks for looking. Comments and critters are welcome. ;)

The Thing - Bennings

Sat, 05/25/2024 - 21:40
It's time to tackle another figure from The Thing series - this time it's Bennings. George Bennings was a meteorologist stationed at American Antarctic research station, U.S. Outpost 31. The character appears in the 1982 film The Thing and was portrayed by actor Peter Maloney. This is another excellent kit sculpted by Yagher and produced by Gillman Productions. The kit is in 1/4 scale and comes in 4 parts - the bust the two hands and the base. After a quick clean up, the parts were assembled and then, after priming, game the skin areas the "pinkle" (Groundeffected's word for the purple pink color) and red. After that, the flesh color was added, and then a sprinkle of dots of Reikland Fleshshade was added. Surprisingly (not) I didn't take many WIP pics. But looking at the film grabs, he's see with and orange vest, and then an olive green parka, with a darker green lining. The fur around the collar looks to be a gray color. The base shows him on the snowy rock outcropping with some gas cans and 55 gallon drums in thew scene. For whatever reason I assumed the cans were diesel, and looking up the color codes diesel is put in a yellow can. So that's what I did. But thinking back, with how fast the Bennings-Thing creature was set on fire, the fuel was probably just gasoline... Oh well. So before I knew it, I was done. Thanks for looking.

USS Narwhal, SSN 671. An experimental prototype submarine

Fri, 05/24/2024 - 14:57
New Iron Shipwrights kit Background: The USS Narwhal, hull number SSN-671, was a totally unique and experimental nuclear-powered attack submarine and one of the most successful boats of her era. Her unique design made her the quietest attack submarine in the U.S. fleet in the 1970s. The Navy challenged Electric Boat to build a quieter submarine. A unique design under project SCB 245, Narwhal was her own class. Forward of the reactor compartment she was broadly similar to the contemporary Sturgeon-class submarines, but with a slightly larger diameter to accommodate the natural circulation reactor setup. Electric Boat identified reduced sound signature improvements. The first was the main reactor coolant pumps. These large, high-pressure pumps spin under heavy load and can be the most significant acoustic source of any nuclear-powered submarine. General Electric designed Narwhal’s unique S5G power plant with the reactor vessel situated low in the submarine’s hull and the two steam generators situated above the reactor, cocked slightly to fit into the hull. This arrangement facilitated a natural flow of the reactor’s primary coolant. This pressurized-water reactor (PWR) design heated its primary loop in the reactor and convection moved the water into the steam generator near the top of the loop where energy is exchanged into the secondary loop system to generate steam for propulsion. After heat transfer, the primary coolant flows back down towards the reactor vessel in a return loop. Both initial low power conditions as well as when high power for maximum speed require the reactor coolant pumps. However, there is a wide region of power between these two conditions that allow the main engines and turbines to run normally without the main reactor coolant pumps working. To address acoustic noise from the the standard propulsion turbines which required a large reduction gear system to slow the propeller to usable, efficient turns, a revolutionary, direct-drive main engine turbine that was mechanically linked to the shaft was installed. This system operated at a lower RPM and was larger than the original reduction gear design, 12 feet in diameter and 30 feet in length, resulting in a slightly wider submarine than the Sturgeon class design, on which Narwhal was based. The main seawater intake system is used to cool and condense the expended steam from the main drive turbine. Two unique seawater scoops were added to the stern planes that would force water into the main seawater system as the Narwhal moved forward. During low speed, slow approach operations these scoops moved enough water to cool the condenser loads. Also, new ship service turbine generators which operated at a lower RPM(quieter). In a subsequent overhaul, sonar was upgraded to the AN/BQQ-5D spherical bow array system along with a long line TB-23 towed sonar array was added on the starboard side, with a deploy tube on the upper stern plane. The natural circulation reactor design was incorporated into the Ohio SSBN S8G design, as well as the Seawolf class S6W and the Virginia S9G reactors. Other aspects, such as the direct drive turbine were not repeated in subsequent classes. Also, the condenser cooling scoops violated SubSafe principles by having long internal piping runs under sea pressure, so short direct runs with pumps were employed. The Kit: This is a prototype kit (all 3-D printed) of USS Narwhal, SSN 671, developed by Jon Warneke of Iron Shipwrights. The kit depicts Narwhal in her post overhaul configuration with added TB-23 sonar towed array deploy tube. The final kit will feature a resin hull and 3-D printed sail, masts, planes, rudders and propeller. The propeller is an excellent rendition of the 7 blade J-type damped screw on the Polaris SSBNs, and the Skipjack, Permit and Sturgeon SSN classes. The kit should be available soon from Iron Shipwrights.

Revell 1/35 (ish) T-34

Fri, 05/24/2024 - 08:49
This is the companion piece to their M-4 Sherman, the Russian T-34. It was released numerous times including a motorized version. Let's not talk accuracy here as that would take much too long. It went together pretty easily, but you have to be careful of fit here and there. They say the figures are the "crew", but only two of them actually go in the tank. The other three are accompanying infantrymen. The figures are better than some others they have provided in other kits. The tracks fit pretty well and look the part. Given that the kit dates from the 50's, it's not all that bad.

Panzerkampfwagen B2 (Flamm)

Tue, 05/21/2024 - 11:40
The German Army set up a special program to get captured tanks (Beute-Panzer) back into service. A 1941 initiative directed a flamethrower to be installed on the French Char B1 bis. The conversion replaced the 75mm main gun with a flame thrower while the turret retained the 45mm gun. The model depicts vehicle number 23 from the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen. In April 1942, a Beute-Panzer-Kompanie was created for the division. These Pz.Kpfw.B 2 were used in fighting partisans in the Balkans. They were eventually traded in 1943 to a different division and replaced with the Panzer 38(t). The markings for this vehicle come from the Echelon Fine Details decal set. These decals were kindly donated as they have been out of print for years. This build uses the excellent Tamiya Char B1 bis with the Blast Models resin conversion for the flamm-panzer. There are a few details missing from the Tamiya kit and the Blast conversion has some accuracy and molding issues which I corrected with some scratch building and custom 3D printed parts. I also used the Eduard PE set for the Char B1 bis. Model is painted with Tamiya acrylics, weathered with oils, enamels and pigments.

Witch King

Mon, 05/20/2024 - 15:16
I printed this Fotis Mint bust of the Witch King from Lord of the Rings and painted him primarily with Vallejo acrylics.

Renewal after long hiatus

Mon, 05/20/2024 - 14:02
I renewed my membership after being gone for a few years and I was just wondering if the IPMS still sent out a welcome letter with membership card and a sticker. Thanks, Ron Wilkinson

1/48 Hobby Boss YF-23 ATF

Sat, 05/18/2024 - 09:32
This build is the 1/48 Hobby Boss YF-23. This is a prototype aircraft designed by Northrop was in competition against Lockheed’s F-22 back in 1990. It was nicknamed “Black Widow II” with reference to Northrop’s famous P-61 from WWII. For this build I will be adding Aires resin seat and Caracal’s YF-23 Prototype decal set. I will be building this as the PAV-2 prototype. As a reference I will be using Air Force Legends number 220 book written by Paul Metz. This book is filled with a lot of information on the design and development of the YF-23 as well as many detailed photos of the prototype aircraft. The kit has some items that need to be changed. The first thing is the aft section of the cockpit. This area is more of a “what if” rather than what the prototype looked like. The second thing is the kit does not have the option of having the canopy in the open position. I will need to modify the canopy for these details as well. So to start off I cut out the areas of the cockpit tub that need to be changed. I used a lot of scrap photo etch to rebuild the areas. One thing to note is that the prototypes left a lot of these areas with the zinc chromate coating with no top coat of the grey or black that a production aircraft may have. I added the large white pipe air pipe and started making all the wire cables that mount on the rear bulkhead. I also started making the actuator that raises and lowers the canopy. The ACES II ejection seat in the YF-23 was more like the F-117 version rather than the typical version used other aircraft like the F-16. The main difference is instead of having the ejection handle on the front of the seat between the pilots legs there are two handles on the sides of the seat. I am still working on adding details for the rear of the cockpit tub then I will be moving onto the panel just behind the seat. You can see all the photos and detail of this start in the build log at: https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-yf-23-atf-black-widow-ii/

Early Days of Dioramas

Thu, 05/16/2024 - 21:30
Hey Gang, Just ran across this and thought it pretty interesting. Have a look - https://artsandculture.google.com/story/aQXh00Xq8_VJJg

Trumpeter 1/700 HMS Eskimo

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 12:12
This is a very nice kit with little clean up and goes together quite easily. However, when I changed my work space lighting from incandescent to LED I found out that what I had thought was dark grey in the full color painting guide was actually dark green! Too late. Also, all went well, even with the generic PE railings and stretched sprue rigging until the only decal on the ship, the side number, silvered on me. Again, oh well. It was never intended to be a contest contender and looks nice next to all my other RN destroyers.

Atlantis Satellite Shuttle meets Everything is Go launch platform.

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 10:13
A kit match up. The Satellite Shuttle meets the "Everything is Go!" launch pad. This is a re-imagining of the space shuttle. It's all out of the box with the exception of removing the wings from the first stage booster because as we now know, such wings in the atmosphere serve no purpose other than to add drag to a booster. I cut down the shuttle's base plate so it would fit on the launch platform. The vehicles are painted as I have seen NASA launch site vehicles in photos. The decals are a mix from both kits and the spares box.

The Duke Finishes Two Aircraft in May

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 21:45
These were actually finished a little more than a week ago, but you know how Life messes with you. Anyway, here are my latest aircraft finished in May. The first one: 1/72 scale Trumpeter Tu-16 Badger going to my Egyptian Air Force: This one was masked with Silly Putty to achieve that three-tone camouflage pattern. This next one is also the 1/72 scale Trumpeter Tu-16 Badger, this time it is going to my Iraqi Air Force: After the base color was added, I free-handed the splotches using my airbrush. There you have it, my newest models, a brace of Badgers. All comments welcome, thank you to those who looked in to comment. Stay tuned, more to come.