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Officers Present
  • Present: Mike Oberholtzer (MO), Jessica Ivancso (JI), Ro Annis (RA), Scott Hackney (SH), John Noack (JN), and John Figueroa (DLC)
  • Absent: Phil Peterson (PP), Eugenie Taylor Ray (ETR), Phil Perry (PPerry), David Knights (DK)

Call to Order

  • This meeting was called to order on May 19, 2024, at 7:02 PM (EDT) by Jessica Ivancso

Agenda – Topics for Discussion

  • Action Items Review
  • Round Table, Open Discussion
  • Adjournment

Action Item Review

Old Business

  • The EBoard reviewed existing Action Items for status to complete/close. Notable progress was made on the Catering request for convention judges, IRS Tax filing, and the 2023 Convention After Action Report. Action Item: JI to mark items complete/closed.
  • The EBoard Missions/Values creation will continue as time allows. This process is crucial to defining our organization's strategic direction and ensuring our actions align with our values. Action Item: Continue the Missions/Values creation process. Status: Ongoing
  • 2024 Annual Achievements Voting is currently in progress. JF reported a few responses were pending. Action Item: JI to send a reminder to EBoard to complete by 5/24/2024. Status: Open
  • Status on the IPMS/USA Judging Protocol review and associated documentation is currently delayed due to a lack of engagement by the NCC liaison. Suggestions to support updates for the 2024 National Convention included using existing rules, definitions and judging guidelines, and any existing documentation; however, attempting engagement once more or the EBoard preferred an alternative contact. Action Item: 2VP to follow up. Status: Open
  • The annual Code of Ethics is required to support the IPMS/USA non-profit status and is expected to be reviewed and acknowledged by volunteers in the membership. A list of volunteers was selected based on role and level of engagement within the organization, including whether they engage with the public, vendors, and funds. They professionally represent IPMS/USA (head judges, Regional Coordinators, etc.) This process is crucial to maintaining our non-profit status and ensuring that our volunteers act in the best interest of IPMS/USA. Action Item: JI to prepare a request for the selected distribution, giving two weeks for review and return. Due Date: 5/24/2024. Status: Open
    • The Code of Ethics review and acknowledgment was recommended to become part of the convention planning process beginning with the 2025 convention. Including this as part of the initial planning process will set the standard for this annual review. Action Item: SH will work with the NCC to include the Code of Ethics in the hands of the selected volunteers and present the process for this modification to the EBoard for review and final acceptance. Status: Open
  • IPMS/USA 60th-Anniversary pins have been ordered and will be shipped for distribution as part of this year’s convention bagging. These pins are a special commemorative item to celebrate our organization's 60th anniversary. The EBoard discussed options for chapter distribution. A reasonable recommendation was distributing the pins at the convention chapter social. Other options will be considered to address the distribution of the remaining pins. Action Item: SH and the IPMS/USA Event Admin to coordinate. Status: Open

New Business

  • The DLC (JF) was approached by a chapter member regarding a member ban and asked for membership restoration. The EBoard reviewed additional information presented and agreed that restatement was acceptable. A motion to reinstate the member but not allow participation as a reviewer was made by the TRES (MO) and seconded by the DLC (JF).  Action Item: JF will reach out regarding the inquiry and provide a response with the EBoard's approval on 5/19/2024. Status: Open
  • A financial investment switch to a high-yield account was recently completed based on the EBoard's agreement. MO moved the account to a 9-month Certificate of Deposit (CD) with an expected higher rate of return. No action is required. Status: Closed
  • The EBoard discussed options to improve the EBoard election process. Ideas generated included creating a “job description” and “nomination package.”  This process is expected to be shared with the membership at this year’s annual meeting. These changes aim to make the election process more transparent and inclusive. Action Item: Prepare a proposal for the improved election process, which will be shared with the membership. Status: Open
    • EBoard Job Descriptions: These should be written by current EBoard members and include a realistic representation of weekly hours and what tools the role will need to succeed. References to the constitution and day-to-day activities should be included. This is to ensure transparency and help potential candidates understand the role's responsibilities.  Action Item: ALL EBoard members should create a job description for their roles and share it with the EBoard. Due Date: 6/30/2024. Status: Open

    • EBoard Nomination Package: The package should focus on understanding what the potential candidate offers, including their goals, objectives, skills, and what they expect to contribute to the membership. Action Item: JF and MO will create a nomination package and post it to the IPMS/USA website. Due Date: TBD Status: Open.

Round Table, Open Discussion

  • June EBoard Scheduled Meeting (JI): The next EBoard meeting is scheduled for 6/16/2024, Father's Day. Would we like to reschedule this or keep it as scheduled? Agreement by the EBoard to keep the date and time as scheduled. No action is required.
  • Publication Status Update (RA): The IPMS/USA Journal team is excited about their efforts and looks forward to putting together their first issue. The current issue is with the printer, which is expected to be mailed out shortly. No action is required.
  • 2024 Annual Meeting (JI): In preparation for the upcoming Annual Meeting held at the National Convention, what is required from the EBoard? Utilizing the previous year's template, current content should be replaced before the scheduled meeting. Each EBoard member is expected to add their content and speak for 5-7 minutes, providing updates to the membership. Action Item: The SEC will prepare and circulate the 2024 Annual Meeting template to the EBoard. Due Date: 6/30/2024. Status: Open
  • National Convention Updates (SH): As of May 15, 2024, the National Convention currently has 528 adult members registered, bringing the total number of expected attendees to 841. Pre-registration is still open, and we can expect higher numbers before pre-registration ends. There are 381 vendor tables confirmed. The Saturday evening banquet is sold out. The waterpark tour was canceled, but the other tours will remain.  Challenge coin orders are standing at 112. Extra convention pins are standing at 84. No action is required.
    • The National Convention “Juniors” categories were combined by the NCC for 2024. The EBoard discussed this and based on social media response, agreed that returning the combined categories to separate categories will encourage youth engagement. This decision by the EBoard ensures younger members have a fair and engaging experience at the convention. Action Item: SH will reach-out to the NCC will be completed. Status: Open


  • The next meeting is scheduled for June 16, 2024.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM by Jessica Ivancso.


These meeting minutes are submitted on 5/24/2024 by Jessica Ivancso, IPMS/USA EBoard, Secretary.