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Officers Present
  • Present: Phil Peterson (PP), John Noack (JN), Mike Oberholtzer (MO), Jessica Ivancso (JI), John Figueroa (JF), David Knights (DK), Eugenie Taylor Ray (ETR), Ro Annis (RA), Phil Perry (PPerry)
  • Tardy: Scott Hackney (SH)

Call to Order

  • This meeting was called to order on February 18, 2024, at 8:05 PM (EST) by Phil Peterson.
  • In Attendance: Phil Peterson, John Noack, Mike Oberholtzer, Jessica Ivancso, John Figueroa, David Knight, Eugenie Taylor Ray, Ro Annis, Phil Perry, and Scott Hackney

Agenda – Topics for Discussion

  • Old Business - Action Item (AI) Updates
  • New Business - Voting
  • Round Table, Open Discussion

Action Item Updates

Old Business

  1. State of Society Message – Draft completed by PP on 2/1/2024 – Board Voted - Approved – Will be posted the week of 2/19/2024. – AI Closed
  2. Code of Ethics Statement – Draft completed by JF – Will circulate for review/approval. – AI Remains Open
  3. Bylaw Restriction Review - Pending review of any bylaw restrictions associated with date parameters for National Convention– none found. – AI Closed
  4. 2024-2025 EBoard Strategies – MO contacted a strategy consultant who offered to help us free of charge. We will invite him to the next EBoard meeting in March. – AI Remains Open
  5. Tri-Fold Pamphlet – contact initiated by PP; follow-up on ways to emphasize local chapter content in design. Spectra Printing provided an acceptable quote shared by RA. – AI Remains Open
  6. Press Kit Creation – Initial reach out to be made by DK; discussion on content for an IPMS/USA press kit.  - AI Remains Open
  7. Journal Art Director/Team – RA shared that eight members responded to reach out; all candidates had excellent qualifications. Two leads were selected and will share responsibilities. The editorial team will mirror the art team processes. – AI Closed
  8. Forehand Scholarship – MO reported that there are currently five candidates for selection. The closing date for consideration is 3/15/2024. The award ceremony will take place on 5/15/2024. – AI Remains Open
  9. Social media – ETR shared that Facebook moderators selected; currently working throughout the day – good coverage, adhering to new guidelines; additional moderators will be added over time, as needed. – AI Closed
  10. 60th Anniversary Recognition – The team (JN, RO, ETR) met in late January and brainstormed ideas, including pin design, kit giveaways, highlights of members at the local club level, and spotlight articles on scale modeling over time from long-term members. More to come in this. – AI Remains Open

New Business

  1. Established Charter for NCC and Revised National Contest Rules – Draft completed by SH/PPerry – Board Voted - Approved – Notification and posting will be completed the week of 2/19/2024. – AI Closed
  2. Judges for NCC – A list of prospective and alternative judges was circulated on 2/16/2024 by SH/PPerry. – Board Voted – Approved – Ongoing status will be provided. – AI Closed
  3. Conflict of Interest Form – Revisions completed by MO – Draft was circulated on 2/11/2024 by JI – Board Approved – JI to circulate finalized copy the week of 2/19/2024. Expect responses by 2/29/2024 to support tax compliance guidelines. – AI Remains Open
  4. 2024 Board (and Staff) Meeting Schedule – A draft meeting schedule was circulated on 2/11/2024 for board input. Board Approved - JI will work from this schedule based on availability and priority – AI Closed
  5. Journal Article Series on the use of Wild Apricot for members – SH presented the idea, focusing on educating the members on how it works and what they can do with it. – Board approved this idea – AI Closed

Open Discussion

  1. ETR shared that the IPMS/USA social media effort now includes over 14,000 followers on Facebook. A review of banned members is possible. A new IPMS/USA YouTube channel was activated and will be publicized.
  2. RA noted that Joe Terry has graciously volunteered to help move the IPMS archives forward. Joe will take these documents and scan them using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that, in theory, at least, they will be searchable. This could be the first real step in making a members-only online database of our archive.
  3. SH provided an update on NCC activities and tours. Currently, there are over 200 registered attendees. Select trips to the museum and vineyard tour are about sold out; however, trips to Harley Davidson and the Wisconsin Dells still have many open spots. He reported that about 300 vendor tables have been confirmed. A visit with the Mad City Modelers in early March will highlight the automated registration process expected to be used at the National Convention.
  4. PP inquired about any interest from chapters seeking to host the National Convention in the future. SH indicated some interest but nothing concrete.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 PM (EST) by Phil Peterson.  

These meeting minutes are submitted on 2/21/2024 by Jessica Ivancso, IPMS/USA EBoard, Secretary.

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