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Officers Present
  • Present: Phil Peterson (PP), Mike Oberholtzer (MO), Jessica Ivancso (JI), Eugenie Taylor Ray (ETR), Ro Annis (RA), Phil Perry (PPerry), Scott Hackney (SH), John Noack (JN), David Knights (DK)
  • Late: John Figueroa (JF)
  • Absent: Stephen Broughall (SB), Chris Bucholtz (CB), and John Heck (JH)

Call to Order

  • This meeting was called to order on April 21, 2024, at 7:05 PM (EDT) by Phil Peterson

Agenda – Topics for Discussion

  • Status Updates
  • Action Items (AI) Review
  • Round Table, Open Discussion
  • Adjournment

Status Updates

  • The EBoard and staff from the Member Relations, National Office, IPMS/USA Website, and Journal presented 1Q2024 status updates.
  • The IPMS/USA EBoard 1Q2024 Status Report is now available for download in PDF format.

Action Items Updates

  • The IPMS/USA 60th Anniversary pin design was completed by Ro Annis and circulated. It looks amazing. We are preparing these for attendees at the convention in July. Will work with a selected pin provider and have these readied no later than 6/30/2024 for bagging by the convention team (Action Item: John Noack and Ro Annis)
  • IPMS/USA 60th Anniversary Membership Special Pricing - Phil Peterson presented an IPMS/USA 60th Anniversary special membership plan, and the group discussed when it would run and how it would be managed.
    • A motion to proceed with a special membership plan and/or extension, beginning at the start of the 60th Anniversary on 7/17/2024 through 8/13/2025, was made by Mike Oberholtzer and 2nd by David Knights. All attendees approved.
  • The IPMS/USA Code of Ethics was circulated to the EBoard via email by John Figueroa. Content text updates were made and were ready for signatures and posting to the IPMS/USA website and Journal.
    • It was recommended that the document be accepted with the IPMS/USA 60th Anniversary logo and text modifications to reflect the IPMS/USA trademark reference.
    • A brief discussion on the use of the IPMS/USA trademark. It was noted that the U.S. Branch term is older and should be replaced with the term IPMS/USA. John Noack confirmed that trademarks are renewed every five years and were recently completed during 2018-2020.
    • A special write-up will be completed to go along with the Code of Ethics statement in the IPMS/USA Journal (Action Item: John Figueroa)
  • The 2023 IPMS/USA tax return was submitted to the accountant for finalization by Mike Oberholtzer.
    • Needs to be reviewed and accepted by the EBoard and subsequently sent to the IRS. This will require a quick turnaround via email for submission by 5/15/2024. (Action Item: All EBoard)
    • The year-end financial statements will be submitted for publication in the Journal shortly. They are to be published in the Journal annually.

Open Discussion

  • The IPMS/USA 60th Anniversary Logo - All EBoard correspondences should use the 60th-anniversary logo on letterheads for the remainder of this year.
  • The IPMS/USA Dropbox should be the central location for EBoard shared documents. If you are an EBoard member, please consider migrating to it.


  • The next meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2024.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 PM (EDT) by Phil Peterson.


These meeting minutes are submitted on 4/30/2024 by Jessica Ivancso, IPMS/USA EBoard, Secretary.


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