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Officers Present

Officers Present


Phil Peterson – President (PP)

John Noack – 1st Vice President (JN)

Len Pilhofer – 2nd Vice President (LP)

Mike Oberholtzer – Treasurer (MO)

Rob Booth – Secretary (RB)

John Figueroa – Director of Local Chapters (JF)

Ro Annis – Historian/Publications Director RA)


Officers Not Present


David Knights – Recruitment/Retention Secretary (DK)


Phil Peterson called the meeting to order at 6:05PM, CST.


First Discussion Item – The Editorial by Chris Bucholtz in the Sep/Oct Journal


After significant discussion, it was agreed by vote of 5 to 2 that the Editor has a right to offer his own opinions (the definition of an editorial) and that no further action would be taken.  PP agreed to respond directly to those who had written in voicing their concerns over the editorial as published.  The Board's reasoning was based on the fact that Chris’ opinion was based on what he observed on the IPMS/USA Facebook page.  In fact, his suggestions as to how this should have been handled were really close to how it was taken care of during judging.  Someone noticed the actions of the OJT judge (who had not attended the Judge’s meeting) and advised an Armor judge.  The judge observed the behavior and reported it to the Head Armor Judge who in turn talked to OJT judge and the behavior ended.

The results of the vote were as follows:

PP – For

JN – For

LP – For

MO – For

RB – Against

JF – Against

RA – For


RB initiated a discussion on our approach to social media including podcasts.  It was agreed that there is a clear and immediate need to institute the Director of Social Media position.  JF indicated he had received three responses to the request for candidates for a Director of Social Media. Interviews will be scheduled for immediately after the first of the year. PP requested that the interview questions be submitted to the Board for review and comment. The position will include a seat on the Executive Board but will be a non-voting seat until the position is included as a permanent board seat by amendment, and subject to election by the membership.


RA indicated that he had discussed a second Facebook page for members only discussions with the current moderators, and concluded that a second page wasn’t really necessary, but that we just need more moderators for now. The Board concurred.


MO asked about the status of the two proposed ethics groups (general, and judging) that had been discussed at the last meeting. RB indicated that a group was currently working on an ethics Board/Committee that would consist of 5 members including the President, and David Knights as our legal advisor, and three at-large members. Tim Holland has agreed to chair that effort, and we will meet after the holidays to get that initiative going.


MO gave a general overview of the proposed Ralph Forehand scholarship fund, and the group putting that together. Additional information forthcoming.


JF asked if anyone had looked at the editorials to be run in the next issue of the Journal.  RA indicated he would get that info to the Board for review.


RA indicated we are actively looking for a new art director to replace John Heck when he leaves. He is considering restructuring the Journal team for more efficiency.


An update was provided on the progress being made to repopulate the NCC and how those members will be nominated, screened and approved.  Further clarification on this process (as well as the RC selection and approval process) was sought. The Board agreed that membership input will be accommodated. Further action pending.


PP indicated that Phil Perry was not expecting to be able to assume to role of Chief Judge this coming year and had expressed that Dick Engar continue that role until he was able to take it on.


Considerable discussion was had regarding proposed initiatives that have been discussed over the past several months that haven’t been acted on. JN suggested that RB put together an action list for such things that will be circulated among the Board to be considered and acted on at the January meeting.


PP closed the meeting at 7:10PM, CST.


The next quarterly formal meeting of the IPMS/USA Executive Board is scheduled for Sunday, January 14, 2024, at 6:00PM, CST.


Submitted to the full Board for review and approval by Rob Booth on 12/20/23.

Heavily redacted and revised by the Board and submitted for publication on 12/23/23.