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Officers Present
  • Dave Lockhart - President
  • Phil Peterson - 1st VP
  • John Bonanni - 2nd VP
  • Rob Booth - Secretary
  • Mike Oberholtzer - Treasurer
  • Jeff Neal - Director of Local Chapters
  • Ro Annis - Historian/Publications Director
  • David Knights - Recruitment and Retention Secretary
  • Marie Van Schoonhoven - Office Manager *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest


Officer/Staff Reports & Discussion

Dave Lockhart – President

  • DL called the meeting to order at 7:06PM, EST
  • DL requested a tally of which Executive Board members will be attending the National Convention in Omaha this summer.  All board members confirmed that they will be in attendance.
  • MO/DL/RB confirmed that we had received IRS required Conflict of Interest from all but one board member, and one RC.  (Both individuals forms have been received and posted to the archives in the interim.)  Dave indicated that future policy requires these forms to be turned around within 30 days.

Phil Peterson – 1st Vice President

  • PP indicated that the Ukraine situation is affecting our acquisition of review items from hobby firms in that area.  Cost of mailing also seems to be affecting what we get from some of the other firms too.  That affects us getting things out to our reviewers as well, so look for an increase in those cost to our financials.
  • Number of reviews are coming in and holding steady.
  • Planning to have a display table for the RC at the Omaha Convention.
  • The RC is always looking for additional contributors.
  • PP is working with JB to confirm a convenient location for the manufacturers appreciation dinner in Omaha.

John Bonanni – 2nd Vice President

  • JB indicates that plans and registration for Omaha are proceeding smoothly.  Current numbers indicate about 450 registrants.  Nats decals are on schedule.  97 awards categories are still available for sponsorship.  SWAG and goodies are on schedule.
  • Reminder that online registration (and discount opportunity) ends May 31.
  • 240 vendor tables sold to date.  About 20 still available.
  • International vendors are planning to attend.
  • DL indicated that the Executive Board will make every effort to be visible and available to interact with the membership during the convention.  JB to coordinate with the Omaha team to provide a table in the lobby for the Executive Board to sit at to provide for interaction with members as time permits.  (On a personal note, the Secretary will be spending a considerable amount of time at the E-Board table AND the 2023 Convention information table in the lobby, and encourages the membership to visit with him regarding any suggestions, concerns, etc. as they travel through the lobby to the contest and vendor rooms.)
  • MO planning a seminar slot for members to learn more about use of the new WA membership system.
  • JB indicated that several of the podcasters and other social media will be in attendance and interviewing folks.
  • RA and RB to coordinate with DL for the Nats E-board meeting Power Point template and contents.
  • JN to plan the NATS RC meeting for Friday morning.
  • JB presented and asked for confirmation of a charter for the National Convention Steering Committee.  DK called for an approval vote, MO seconded, and the Board approved by unanimous consent.  Details will soon be made available to the membership online.
  • There are no current bids confirmed for submission to the Board to host the 2024 convention.  There is interest from some clubs to assemble some for consideration.  JB, RB and Len Pilhofer (chairman of the NCSC) are working with them towards that end.  JB is open to discussing receipt of bids from any groups wanting to do so.  This is part of our efforts to make things easier for local chapters and regional groups to pursue hosting of an IPMS/USA National Convention.
  • There will be more information made available online to the membership prior to the convention, and discussed at the convention.
  • RA suggested that JB write an article for the Journal that outlines the parameters for groups interested in hosting a National Convention to stimulate interest and promote additional discussion at the Nats Executive Board meeting.
  • JB indicated there is interest from a member to work on putting together a presence on You Tube for IPMS/USA.  JB and DK to investigate further.
  • JB asked about the IPMS/USA’s Military & Veterans Services Liaison and putting him in touch with another member who is working on a Models for Heroes initiative.  JB to contact him for discussion.
  • DL asked JB to coordinate with Scott Hackney for IPMS/USA to provide some snacks and drinks for the judges on Friday night.

Mike Oberholtzer – Treasurer

  • March financial reports were sent out this week.  All looks good.  Convention revenue is coming in well and ahead of typical schedule.
  • Accountants to proceed with filing tax forms.
  • MO indicated that inquiries about using the new system are tapering off.

Rob Booth - Secretary

  • Reminded board members to review and act on action items from the last board meeting.  RB will facilitate Zoom meetings for this as necessary.
  • RB asked the board who else might be considering attending the IPMS/UK National in Telford, UK this November.  JB confirmed he is planning on attending.  RB will correspond with the IPMS/UK Secretary to confirm our attendance, and how we might work together at the show, and into the future to facilitate idea exchanges.
  • DK suggested that RB correspond with IPMS Canada, Mexico and UK to extend an invite for their members to our Nats.
  • RB to coordinate discussion with DL, PP, JB and DK as an informal subcommittee regarding the review and updating of the C& BL for IPMS/USA.  First discussion session scheduled for April 24.
  • RB to set up additional Zoom sessions with the board to expand on other strategic goals set at the beginning of the term.

Jeff Neal – Director of Local Chapters

  • JN reports that he has contacted all chapters that are delinquent in their renewals.  There are still 26 or so chapters that have lapsed in renewal.  MO indicated that 196 chapters are paid up and active.  DL indicated that JN is to contact any delinquent chapters mid-year, and let them know that they will be deleted from the rolls.
  • DL asked about the status of the Regional awards.  Some have submitted, but not all Regions have responded.  JN to pursue. (Sec. note: Regional awards refers to “Member of the Year”, Chapter of the Year”, etc.)
  • JN discussed the ability for chapters to use the 501 C7 non-profit status of IPMS/USA in dealing with venues and insurance availability for local shows.  Interested chapters should contact JN for further info.
  • JN indicated that a Region wished to hold a Regional Convention, and could they receive a stipend from IPMS/USA to defer some costs.  The stipend is available, but policy is unclear.  Topic to be a part of the C & BL review.

Ro Annis - Historian/Publications Director

  • Good response to request of membership for articles.  Please keep them coming.
  • Journal staff is working extra hard to keep things on schedule and is currently just slightly behind and gaining.
  • Journal staff reviews chapter newsletters for potential journal articles and has sourced several things through that avenue.  RA has also contacted the editor of the IPMS/UK publication and discussed the potential to share articles of interest.
  • RA is continuing to accumulate and scan previous IPMS/USA publications for archiving online.
  • Journal advertising revenue is current.
  • DL suggested a short bio of a Board member be included in the front of each Journal for the membership to know about us in a bit more detail.

David Knights - Recruitment and Retention Secretary

  • DK will provide limited numbers of old journal issues and membership applications to clubs upon request, for use in recruiting efforts by local and regional contests/shows.
  • Hi-res digital IPMS/USA logos are now available upon request.

Marie Van Schoonhoven - National Office Manager

  • Current status shows 4,372 active members.
  • Journal V34J2 sent to printers on April 4th.
  • Returned mail to IPMS/USA slowing down.  Likely due to members updating their information on the new WA system.  Members are encouraged to keep their profile information up to date to avoid delays in receiving the Journal.
  • Discussed journal costs and lack of policy for extra copies.  Additional copies may be purchased through Marie by chapters and/or individuals for $3.00 each plus the cost of postage/shipping, subject to availability.

The next quarterly meeting of the IPMS/USA Executive Board will be held via Zoom on Sunday, July 10, 2022 at 6:00PM CDT.

Dave Lockhart adjourned the meeting at 8:46 PM EDT.

Submitted by Rob Booth - Secretary-IPMS/USA