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Officers Present
  • Ron Bell (President)
  • John Noack (1st VP)
  • T.J Misiolek (2nd VP)
  • Dennis Tennant (Secretary)
  • Mike Oberholtzer (Treasurer)
  • David Lockhart (DLC)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian/Publication Director)
  • David Knights (Recruitment and Retention Secretary)
  • Marie Van Schoonhoven (Office Manager) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest


Action Items

  • None

Officer/Staff Reports

Ron Bell, President

  • Balloting for the election and survey is now closed and Office Manager Marie is working on getting the totals pulled together from mailed in, on-line and convention site voting.

John Noack, 1st VP

  • Peter Veltri, president of Atlantis Models, has offered to include an IPMS membership application in the kits he boxes at a discount rate (3 cents per insert vs. his normal rate of 10 cents). He's recommending an initial run of 10000 inserts, a $300 investment should we choose to move forward. The board approved an investment of $300 to put 10,000 IPMS/USA applications in upcoming Atlantis Models kits.
  • We also added two new review suppliers.
  • At the suggestion of Peter Vetri of Atlantis Hobbies I filled out an application to have the IPMS/USA join HIA as an Affiliate member at no charge.

T.J. Misiolek, 2nd Vice President

  • We awarded two conventions: Las Vegas 2021 & Omaha 2022.
  • After an initial hiccup, room reservations opened for the San Marcos 2020 Nationals. We signed the hotel contract for the Las Vegas 2021 Nationals.

Mike Oberholtzer, Treasurer

  • Through the end of August we are almost exactly in line with net revenues for the same period in 2018. More of the 2018 convention revenues were in by the end of August, so revenues are about $14,000 lower than last year. But expenses are running about $14,000 lower than last year also, primarily because convention expenses are lower. Due to the large convention deposit posting after the end of August we will see a big revenue bump in September.

Dennis Tennant, Secretary

  • Nothing much to report other than the successful addition of three disabled vets to our roster. The procedure for doing this is apparently working out well and word is getting out about our program to give disabled veterans a free, first-time member, membership. Hobby shops are being submitted for inclusion in our online database. Buck Dean was the most recent to add his hobby shop, Hurricane Hobbies in Jacksonville, FL.

David Lockhart, DLC

  • We'll be starting our 2020 rechartering in October. We are currently at 223 chapters.
  • COIs going out as requested.
  • Mark Young is now taking care of distributing the digital newsletters.

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • Nothing to report.

David Knights, Recruitment & Retention Secretary

  • IPMS/USA membership is up. We have a goal of 4250 members by San Marcos in 2020. The Disabled Veteran Membership Program is up and running. We have already added new members. We now have a certificate that goes along with the free, one time, one year membership. Also, a number of local chapters are setting up IPMS/USA recruiting tables at their local contests. This is a great way to get new members.

Marie Van Schoonhoven, National Office Manager

  • We added 45 new members in July and 56 in August.
  • 4061 active members will receive the V31J4 Journal.
  • A new PO Box for the Society has been opened due to my home/office move, a change of address has been submitted to the USPS and both the old and new PO Boxes are being checked until the forwarding takes place, then I can close the old PO Box.
  • Three Disabled Vets have been awarded a one-year complimentary membership through the new incentive program approved by the E-board. It seems to be a great and rewarding program.

Submitted by Dennis Tennant, Secretary