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Officers Present
  • Ron Bell (President)
  • David Morrissette (1st VP)
  • Mike Van Schoonhoven (2nd VP)
  • Dennis Tennant (Secretary)
  • Mike Oberholtzer (Treasurer)
  • John Noack (DLC)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian/Publication Director)
  • Marie Van Schoonhoven (Office Manager) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest


Action Items

  • None

Officer/Staff Reports

Ron Bell, President

  • It will be announced in the next Journal that we are looking for candidates to fill the 2nd VP position and the new Recruitment/Retention Secretary position. It has already been posted on the Forum. We will wait about a month after the announcement is out and then select from the candidates we have at that time.
  • The 50/25 year pin project has been completed for this year. Thanks to the help of some of the RCs and some Chapter Contacts, we have distributed all the pins.
  • The E-board is discussing a possible "Member of the Year" program to continue our efforts to show appreciation to our members.

David Morrissette, 1st VP

This is my last update as 1st VP, it’s been a blast.

  • I have sent emails to 230 manufacturer contacts to confirm the change in leadership to John Noack.
  • We have 39 late reviews at this point.
  • Still working on the insert ads for Sprue Bros but will try to wrap this up in the next week.
  • Over 723 Reviews have been posted so far this year. We’re a little slow but there are over 130 reviews still in the works.
  • I plan to clean up the “review by company” listing also.
  • Micromark contacted us about a program to provide an unlimited-use discount for IPMS/USA members in our online store. I have been behind but will contact them to get further details shortly.

If I can answer any questions, you know where to find me.

Mike Van Schoonhoven, 2nd Vice President

  • I have been working with Phoenix about how everything will work (pre-registration and the CRS). I have also have been compiling info from the Omaha convention report concerning the CRS so that our consultant can address any issues.

Mike Oberholtzer, Treasurer

  • September was a quiet month. Expenses were low because we didn’t print a Journal. We also didn’t close out the Omaha convention as expected as we didn’t receive the Convention Report until October. Everything else is running along smoothly.
  • A copy of the financial report for this update is attached.

Dennis Tennant, Secretary

  • I’m pleased to report activity on the Local Hobby Shop list/map on our website. Several new hobby stores have been added to the mix, bringing the grand total to 44 shops. We need to continue to get the word out and encourage chapters to participate by adding their favorite stores to the list. I think members will appreciate the effort put into it. I know it was personally helpful to me during a recent trip to “fly-over” country.

John Noack, DLC

  • I’m in a transition phase — moving from DLC to 1st VP. Rechartering has started and Dave Lockhart has things well in hand. Dave Morrissette has started looping me in on the 1st VP stuff too.
  • Congratulations to IPMS/Lehigh Valley on becoming a Chartered Chapter of IPMS/USA.

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • Right now my “hot button” is finding a way to get the chapter newsletters sent out to those who want them. Fred Horky has gotten tired of the job, which he has been doing for a number of years.There have been several suggestions for a solution and I’ll get input from the board as to which direction we want to go.

Marie Van Schoonhoven, National Office Manager

Here’s the current numbers:

  • September - 22 new members
  • October - 14 new members as of 10/23/17

Total active members receiving the V29J5 - Sept/Oct Journal: 3913

Eric Aitala, Webmaster

  • I have updated some web server software to prepare for updating the Forum software from version 3 to version 4. I hope to do the Forum update in the next week or two
  • I am also setting up the migration of the Gallery from Menalto Gallery 2 to Piwigo since MG2 is not longer being developed.
  • The Forum update should only take a few hours, but the Gallery migration may take a day during which it will offline.

Submitted by Dennis Tennant, Secretary