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Officers Present
  • Dick Christ (President)
  • Dave Morrissette (1st VP)
  • Mike Von Schoonhoven (2nd VP Elect)
  • Dennis Tennant (Secretary)
  • John Noack (DLC Elect)
  • John Shimek (Treasurer)
  • Larry Randel (DLC)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian/Publication Director)

* = Non-voting staff or Guest


New Business

  • Don Schmitz, chairman of our marketing team submitted a report to Ron Bell detailing the progress his team has made and expressed their intention to draw up a survey to determine exactly who our members (and potential members) really are. They are working on the survey questions along with determining the mechanics of creating the survey. Due to pressing business, his report will be discussed further during the November board meeting.

  • Due to the death of office manager, M.J. Kinney, the board meeting centered around that topic. President Christ wanted to make sure that incoming president Ron Bell will be on the list to allow check writing so we will have at least two e-board members approved to sign checks as needed. Treasurer John Shimek and 1VP Dave Morrissette already have signatory powers on the account. Because of their proximity to MJ's home, Dave Morrissette and John Shimek volunteered to stop by and pick up the IPMS/USA laptop and other electronics and business-related equipment. They will inspect the off-site storage to determine what will need to be done: either re-storage or disposal.

  • President Christ appointed Marie VanSchoonhoven (2VP Mike VanSchoonhoven's spouse) as interim office manager. The business laptop and associated office equipment will be shipped to Marie as soon as possible. She will then look over the various documents on it to determine how long it will take to get up to speed with maintaining the database and covering day-to-day tasks.

  • Treasurer Shimek was assigned the job of determining what office equipment is owned by the Society and what is leased. President Christ also requested that Shimek become the administrator of the various bank accounts held by the society. He was asked to change the name and address on those accounts to his name at our P.O. box in North Canton, OH. President Christ wants to be certain we can pay the bills and produce the Journal with little or no disruption of service to members.

  • As this was Dick Christ's last meeting as president, he thanked the board for their support during his two-term presidency. Ron Bell begins his term Nov. 1, 2015.

Officer/Staff Reports

Dick Christ, President

  • No new items to report.

David Morrissette, 1st VP

  • Nothing to report. See below.

Ron Bell, 2nd Vice President

  • Not much from me this time around. Just waiting for bidders for the 2018/19 conventions. I've sent all the transition stuff for 2nd VP to Mike Van Schoonhoven.

John Shimek, Treasurer

  • Still working on budget.

Dennis Tennant, Secretary

  • No report this month. Will be sending out an updated contact list to the new e-board shortly.

Larry Randel, DLC

  • No report submitted.

Jim Pearsal, Historian/Publication Dir.

  • No report. Letter sent to Mr. Madera concerning the Journal and the misspelling of his name.

Mark Persichetti, Head Judge

  • The only item of any note I have to pass along to the E-Board, is that so far I've heard from four of my eight NCC members re edits for the 2016 contest categories & rules.? I've sent the others a reminder message and still plan to have all revisions done and posted by the end of Nov.
  • I saw the messages about MJ's passing.? Both Eileen and I are terribly sorry to hear that news.? She was a wonderful person!

Eric Aitala, Webmaster

  • No report submitted.

Submitted by Dennis Tennant, Secretary