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Officers Present
  • Dave Morrissette (1st VP)
  • Ron Bell (2nd VP)
  • Dennis Tennant (Secretary)
  • John Walczak (Treasurer)
  • Larry Randel (DLC)
  • Jim Pearsall (Historian/Publication Director)
  • Bruce Briggs (Membership Secretary)
  • Mary Jane Kinney (Office Manager) *

* = Non-voting staff or Guest


New Business

  • Several motions passed.
    • A motion to modify and add new rules to the Convention Operating Parameters for the use of the Convention Management System by future convention organizers. Motion made by Ron Bell, 2VP, seconded by Dennis Tennant, secretary. Vote passed unanimously.
    • A motion to send a copy of the updated National Model Contest Guide to the Chief Judge for approval or changes by the National Contest Committee within 90 days of receipt. Motion by Bell, seconded by Tennant. Vote passed unanimously.
    • A motion requesting that the Chief Judge to be present at all E-Board meetings as an ex-officio (non-voting) member. Motion made by Bell, seconded by Tennant. Vote passed unanimously.
    • A motion to pay for and sanction the ?best use of convention decals? award to be presented at the annual convention. The Society will pay up to $50 for the award plaque each year and a committee of retired former board members will be responsible for its purchase and the judging of entries. Motion made by Tennant, seconded by Bell. Vote passed unanimously.
    • Discussion about closing the books on the Loveland convention. Convention leadership to be contacted about finishing their overdue report.

Officer/Staff Reports

Dick Christ, President

  • Nothing submitted for this meeting.

David Morrissette, 1st VP

  • Reviewer Corps
    • Late reviews are down to 92. Finally!
    • Reviews posted (YTD (May)): 445 reviews posted (projected number for 2014 ? over 1000)
    • Still working with late reviewers to get them to finish their obligations.

Ron Bell, 2nd Vice President

  • Updated set of operating rules/procedures for use of Convention Management Software by national convention host chapter will be incorporated into the Convention Operating Parameters immediately. (Board unanimously approved this action)
  • As I am sure all of you know, our national contest has many rules and procedures, some of them in writing some not and those in writing are not very organized and exist in multiple documents/places. The updated National Model Contest Guide attempts to collate all these procedures into one document that will be placed on on the IPMS/USA web site. There is nothing new in this document. It is just a collation and re-organization of existing material. Our contest and members deserve to know in writing how their own contest functions and we all need a ready reference regarding it. I ask that we send it to the Chief Judge and the National Contest Committee for approval or changes with a deadline for action of 90 days from receipt. (Board unanimously approved this action)
  • 2014 Convention statistics from Norfolk:
    • 367 Vendor tables sold. 56 left
    • Hotel block is 88% full
    • Sponsorships - 105 out of 198 sold, or only 53%. All the special awards are now covered.
    • Major Receipts so far:
      • $29,000 venders
      • $14,610 Registration
      • $7,965 Banquet
    • Only 110 out of the needed 200 have been booked for the Wounded Warrior dinner. A special open letter will be prepared to solicit more registrations. It has been on the Forum and will also be on the con web site.

John Walczak, Treasurer

  • Nothing submitted for this meeting.

Dennis Tennant, Secretary

  • I?d like to recognize the efforts of Fred Horky, Fred Hall, Bruce Radebaugh, Chuck Holte, George Cully and others in sponsoring and judging the annual ?best use of convention decals? special award. I suggest we help them by officially sanctioning this award and agreeing to purchase the award plaque every year.
  • I have almost finished collecting the Conflict of Interest forms and am nearing completion of the updated e-board address list.
  • After talking with Jim Pearsall, Mary Jane Kinney and I have acquired a collection of Quarterlies from the early days of IPMS/USA! A Pennsylvania Historical society found them in a box at the air museum at the Willow Grove Air Base in Pennsylvania and offered them to us for the price of shipping ($20). This should help fill some of the gaps in our archives. MJ has possession of the Quarterlies for now.

Larry Randel, DLC

  • Current Chapter Count: 221
  • Added three new chapters this month:
    • IPMS MTMA-Cookeville, # 03-48, Cookeville, TN
    • Minnesota Military Figure Society, #05-56, Twin Cities, MN
    • Tex Hill Chapter-Texas Hill Country Scale Modelers, #06-53, Kerrville, TX May/June MnT Report.
  • Make and Take Numbers for May/June 2014
    • Events: 15
    • Models: 830 (475 Aircraft, 355 Auto)
    • Model Costs: $2308.40
    • Shipping Costs: $515.12
    • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: ?$1020.50
    • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $1803.02
  • Year to date (January to June) MnT Report.
    • Events: 37
    • Models: 2037 (891 Aircraft, 1171 Auto)
    • Model Costs: $6146.00
    • Shipping Costs: $1380.87
    • Shipping/Program Fees Paid: $2658.50
    • Net Cost (cost minus fees): $4868.37

John Ratzenberger, Dir. Foreign Liaison

  • 50th International Awards:
    • 20: Planned, after an initial survey of all branches
    • 2: have since disappeared, and awards can be used for something ad hoc.
    • 10 : contests completed, photos and documentation returned, forwarded to Journal & website.
    • 6 : awards mailed, but contest not held or just recently completed; still working.
    • 2 : contests completed some time ago; still working.
  • Costs:
    • 20 awards @ $20 = $400 with two unused awards
    • Postage total: $282.50
    • Total cost: $682.50 including two unused awards.
  • 50th Anniversary participation:
    • IPMS/Belgium is providing an award.
    • IPMS/UK-Ipswich & IPMS/USA-Tidewater are jointly providing an award.
    • IPMS/Italy may be bringing a gift.
    • IPMS/UK will have 2 display tables.
    • IPMS/Canada & IPMS/Guatemala will share 1 display table.
    • Blue & Grey SIG will have a display table.
    • Sub Comm SIG may have a display, through Tidewater ? unsure.?
  • No international events have been requested and I have none planned; most international attendees are unofficial.?
  • I should be able to meet any official delegations early on for coordination, etc.
  • Other item of note: IPMS/UK has been preparing formal ?original? charters for the 50th anniversary branches (USA, Canada, Australia).
  • I have received ours ? I can simply mail it to MJ for safe keeping or do we wish to present it to ourselves at the Banquet, I can hang onto it and get it framed.

Bruce Briggs, Membership Secretary

  • Nothing submitted for this meeting.

Jim Pearsal, Director of Publications/Historian

  • I?ve made the articles for the issues of the IPMS Update available through the IPMS Forum.?

MJ Kinney, National Office Manager

  • V26J3 (May-June issue) mailed June 6th to 4219 recipients. The last issue was mailed to 4123. Since the last issue of the Journal, we have 232 new members year and 101 members who didn?t renew. This number is the lowest non-renews we have had in years.
  • Picked up 56 50th anniversary t-shirts yesterday and will be shipping immediately
  • Financial Report - 6/13/2014
    • Regular checking - $20,126.35
    • Wire Account - $1,400.00 (to be transferred to checking)
    • 2013 Conv Acct - $28,298.00
    • 2014 Conv Acct - $41,323.00
    • 2015 Conv Acct - $945.42 (opened recently with initial loan of $1,000 from National)
    • Convention Savings - $14,287.48
    • Cert of Deposit - $48,430.75
    • Cert of Deposit - $81,032.25
    • TOTAL - $ 235,844.23

Submitted by Dennis Tennant, Secretary