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Officers Present
  • Present: Phil Peterson (PP), John Noack (JN), Mike Oberholtzer (MO), Scott Hackney (SH), Jessica Ivancso (JI), John Figueroa (JF), Eugenie Taylor Ray (ETR), Ro Annis (RA), Phil Perry (PPerry)
  • Absent: David Knights (DK)

Call to Order

  • This meeting was called to order on June 16, 2024, at 7:02 PM (EDT) by Phil Peterson


Agenda – Topics for Discussion

  • Action Items (AI) Review
  • Round Table, Open Discussion
  • Adjournment

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Action Items Updates

Action Items - Old Business

  • Achievements/Awards
    • Achievement awards for chapter leadership recognition were completed, and awards were ordered.
    • Scholarship awards were distributed and will be highlighted at the upcoming national convention.
    • National Convention award recipients are generally available for recognition. Confirmation of their availability will be completed.
    • The Eboard would like to recognize the implementation team of the national convention automated registration tool. It will be determined how to recognize this team at a later date.
  • Revised Competition Handbook
    • The revised competition handbook was reviewed and posted on the IPMS/USA website. Version control will be added before making it downloadable. Printed copies will be available for judges to reference at the national convention.
  • 60th Anniversary
    • Commemorative 60th Anniversary pins are on their way to the team preparing national convention registration packets. Distribution to non-convention members will be completed at a later date.
    • The IPMS/USA 60th Anniversary logo can be used in IPMS/USA communications throughout the remainder of this year until the beginning of the 2025 National Convention.
    • 60th Anniversary giveaway prizes have begun to arrive. Winners will be announced at the 2024 National Convention.
  • Eboard Nominations
    • An online Eboard nomination process is being created and will include position descriptions and a submission process for each role. This process will be refined and made available for the next voting session.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy acceptance from the IPMS/USA Eboard was completed and is available in DropBox for reference.
    • Additional acceptance is expected to be completed by all IPMS/USA volunteers over the next few months. The policy statement will be distributed electronically, and acceptance by signature will be captured and stored in DropBox for reference.

Action Items - New Business

  • IPMS/USA Journal
    • A draft IPMS/USA Journal design sample was distributed to the Eboard and was well received. We encourage the publication team to use their expertise to refresh and revitalize this essential publication.
  • Reviewer’s Corp
    • The IPMS/USA Journal continues to add reviewers, including our first Dutch reviewer.
    • A display table secured for the Reviewers' Corps will be available at the national convention. Look for the colorful banner.
    • Reviewer plaques will be distributed at the national convention commemorating the 500th review.
    • Finalizing the logistics to support the Industry Appreciation Dinner on July 18 at the national convention.
  • IPMS/USA National Convention
    • A generic NATS website that can be customized to support host chapters is in progress.
    • The 2026 National Convention bid is being prepared and will be presented at the 2024 National Convention after the Annual Meeting.
    • Current Report: 300 Guests and 700 IPMS/USA Members; registrants from as far away as Africa and Switzerland. Three hundred eighty-four vendor tables are approaching capacity.

Round Table Discussion

  • Logistics for the Annual Meeting
    • Coordinate with the Madison team on AV equipment, including a PC laptop.
  • Social Media Activities
    • A brief discussion on capturing photos for awards and options for a smooth transition was held.
    • YouTube Sync
      • Seeking someone to act as a podcast interviewer, engaging with first-time attendees and asking questions about models and the convention; interested participants can contact our Social Media director.


  • The next meeting is scheduled for July 20, 2024, at the 2024 National Convention.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM (EDT) by Phil Peterson.


These meeting minutes are submitted on 6/30/2024 by Jessica Ivancso, IPMS/USA EBoard, Secretary.