Decal Number X72059, X72060

1/72 Decal Sheets for the Airfix TSR.2

First Look By Paul Bradley, #35554

MSRP: $8.99 GBP

One of the biggest new kit releases due this year is the Airfix 1/72 TSR.2.  The big white bird has been the subject of controversy for 40 years since its summary cancellation in 1965.  Only one flew, and the TSR.2 has since been lamented as one of the biggest losses in aviation history.

Over the years, there have been many thoughts as to the direction the TSR.2 program might have taken, but the release of the Airfix kits has jump-started speculation.  “What if” fans were faced with the prospect of cobbling together a scheme with leftover Modeldecal or Xtradecal sheets, but Hannants have bravely stepped into the breech with the announcement of no less that two sets of “what if” decals.  Sheet X72059 features 9 different schemes, including 5 RAF, one USAF, one NASA, one South African AF and one Canadian AF.  Sheet X72060 includes 4 RAF, 2 West German, one Canadian and one Australian scheme.

The key to “what-ifs” is plausibility and in this respect these sheets are excellent.  Although I have some minor quibbles, these schemes from the fertile brain of Jennings Helig are very well thought out and well within the bounds of possibility.  I particularly like the 16 Squadron RAF commemorative scheme and the USAF “El Dorado Canyon” aircraft – there’s two Airfix kits down already!

Printed by Microscale, if these are to the usual Xtradecal quality, they will be easy to use and of excellent quality.  Price is 8.99 GBP per sheet, and they are currently available for pre-order at the Hannants website.  David tells me that he expects these to be available in time for the Nationals.  I will bring a full review of the decals when I get a hold of the kit this fall.

David Hannant and his crew are to be congratulated for taking this bold step, literally into the unknown, and I hope that these sheets will prove popular with the legions of TSR.2 fanatics out there.  My thanks to David and Jennings for keeping me in the loop.

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