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  • By Modelers... For Modelers

    2015 George Lee Judges' Grand Award - P-47D Thunderbolt, by Marc Schachter

  • By Modelers... For Modelers

    2015 Best of Class, Best Ship - USS Intrepid CVA-11, by Ryan Labieniec

  • By Modelers... For Modelers

  • By Modelers... For Modelers

    2015 Best of Class, Art Gerber Best Military Vehicle - M1126 Stryker, by Nathan LaPorte

  • By Modelers... For Modelers

    2015 Best of Class, Best Automotive - Porsche 917/30, by Steve Bright

  • By Modelers... For Modelers


Trophy Announcement

We are only 3 weeks away from another great IPMS Convention. The contest features almost 200 competitive categories plus unique theme awards for 2017. A picture of our incredible trophies is attached.

For those that have already sponsored trophy packages: Thank you all for your support.

If you have not sponsored a package yet, please consider that the trophy package is one of the major contest expenses. Convention chapters work to provide quality awards, but that costs money. As with other conventions, we do not want trophies to be a "profit" item, but we do need them to break even. Only a little over half of the trophies are currently sponsored and, like so many past conventions, we will find the other half unsponsored and the general convention fund will have to make up the cost difference. If you are procrastinating on sending in your trophy sponsorship, please do so now and help push this part of the convention "over the top". Thank you.

Please see the sponsorship instructions and the available categories for more information.

Online Voting Open

IPMS/USA Executive Board Election is now online.

2017 IPMS/USA National Convention Online Registration

2017 IPMS/USA National ConventionOnline registration for the 2017 IPMS/USA National Convention is now open.

25 Continuous Years Membership Pins

If you joined IPMS/USA between the years 1967 and 1995 inclusive and have never had a lapse in membership, you qualify for a 25 Continuous Years Membership Pin. The first stage in the distribution of these pins will be at the National Convention in Omaha. If you are at the convention and qualify for one of these pins, come to the IPMS/USA National Table at the convention to collect your award. The rest of the pins will be distributed after that.

Membership Recruitment Program

Get discounted rates for new or former members when you sign up at an IPMS/USA show. Please see the Program page for more information.


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  • Voter Information - Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, and Candidates for IPMS/USA E-board
  • Postal Pathfinder - Turning Linberg's 1:48 Curtiss Jenny into an Airmail Pioneer, by Dennis Spark
  • Sunrise on the Fleet - A years-long project to build Pearl Harbor with a history all its own, by Rob Bracci
  • Matriculating with a Mexican Muddy - Building the L'Arsenal 1:72 CAP 10B as a Latin American Trainer, by Chris Bucholtz
  • Man Meets Monolith - Adding Accuracy to Lunar Models Astronaut from 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Ed Wahl
  • Fisher's Pre-Fab Fighter - Fashioning an Also-Ran Interceptor with Valom's 1:72 P-75A Eagle, by Walt Fink
  • Les Bosche, They Come! - Before the Battle at Sidi Bou Zid, 1943, by David Kimbrell
  • From Sea to Space - Scratch-building the Venusian Triphib Shuttle from Between Planets, by Dan Thompson

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